Nov. 11th, 2015 10:09 pm
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Book release day, the perfect day to get a migraine...

Started yesterday, so will probably go on until tomorrow night. Not actually feeling too bad, but can't update website without a working brain. :-/ Or indeed ability to look at screen for more than a minute or two without feeling dizzy.
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Yes, that means I have a migraine aura and have taken some codeine. Aren't you lucky I'm still sufficiently in contact with reality to be able to make some effort at proof-reading this post? Anyway, this means tonight's word count will be whatever I can write in my little dead tree notebook before I fall over. That may or may not include a review of Writing Faster FTW by LA Witt of the many pseuds. It is good advice, and it is written entertainingly, and even though I already know all the advice in it, I read it all the way through today and found it well worth the £1.26 I paid for it last night.
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Started putting together a market list. Got some very useful preliminary notes back from beta-reader. Still haven't done anything with them yet because I've had a migraine aura on and off all week. Long hours at the day job are not helping.

Not a *bad* migraine. Just right at the level where it's obvious why I will continue to carry around an e-ink Kobo device to read on the bus even though I have both Kobo and Kindle apps on the TFT smartphone. Off to read a book in non-backlit format...
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Yes, the last time I posted was last week's picowrimo report. I'm sure I had something vaguely interesting to post last week, but I didn't post it and now I've forgotten what it was. Also, I woke up early yesterday with a bad headache, and while I do not feel wretched right now thanks to the miracle of codeine, you can tell I have migraine by the typos I will edit out of this before posting. Thank god for spoolchuckers.

Anyway... Progress of the total word count is as follows:

Monday, 9133, Tue 9746, Wed 10051, Thur 10402, Fri 11,000 *exactly*, Sat 11361, Sun 12198. I've added another couple of hundred so far this evening, and hope to achieve a few more before my typing ability shuts down completely for the night. I have also spent a lot of time over the last few days reading articles on how to shave *properly*, on account of the other protagonist likes watching his guy shave. Yes, they have his-n-his "getting properly ready to face the day" voyeurism kinks. :-> I'm sure my Google history for the last week must make *fascinating* reading.


Oct. 10th, 2012 09:56 pm
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Well, that's the word count shot for the next few days. This morning's wooziness turned out to be migraine and not lack of sleep. I don't feel that bad as long as I don't have to deal with loud noise, but my typing has gone to pot and holding a train of thought long enough to write the next scene is beyond me at the moment.

And apparently I can't control the mouse. Good thing Dreamwidth has a restore from draft, because I somehow managed to close the DW tab on my browser...
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I wasn't sure yesterday whether I was just knackered because I'd had a very disturbed night's sleep, or whether I had the start of migraine aura. This morning there was no doubt. I actually feel fairly okay, apart from the bit with having the attention span of a drunken goldfish, but I'm also very tired and it would probably be a good idea to go to bed early. I did get a hundred words or so done on Taxman on Sunday night, but nothing last night because I was too tired tonight, and I think I shall skip tonight because I can already see characteristic migraine typos in this post, and it will be a waste of time trying to compose fiction or even book log. Is irritating, because I have stuff I want to get down on electrons...
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Been essentially offline for the last week, because I had another week-long migraine, the second in less than a month. Started on Monday evening, by the time I got home from the day job on Tuesday the last thing I wanted to do was look at a monitor. Am not amused, and this will be flagged up at next GP visit as "okay, that wasn't a one-off, do we wait for the third or do something about it now?"

Much better today, but I'm still not fit to spend much time in front of the computer, so I am officially abandoning any notion of the book log for Oct and Nov being more than a list of the books read (with the exception of the LTER book which I owe a review for). Thought about trying to upload a bit more fanfic, but dealing with the email backlog used up my thinking power. Too fuzzy to bother trying to write some WIP longhand, particularly as even yesterday I felt sick simply writing Christmas cards. So spent a lot of the day listening to audiobooks and doing some cross-stitch -- and not any of the more complex ones, either. Backstitch outline on a nearly completed coaster was about my limit.

Really looking forward to having a week off over Christmas/New Year.
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The downside of changing the meds for an entirely different medical issue is that the migraine is back, after a year without it. Started Tuesday, wasn't too bad until this afternoon, but I left work early (thank you, flexitime) and think that I should just step away from the backlit screen for the rest of the evening. Fortunately I have lots of audiobooks in the backlog.
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I decided to be boring and give up unnecessary snack foods for Lent, as much for the benefit of my waistline as my soul. The "unnecessary" is there because I actually do have the occasional medicinal use for biscuits, crisps and ginger beer, i.e. treating migraine nausea.

It's only Ash Wednesday and I have already had to invoke the medical exemption, courtesy of some eye tests this afternoon. I think I shall go and find something not back-lit to look at for the rest of the evening.
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The aphasia at the weekend *was* migraine after all, as I discovered when I woke up yesterday morning. The wonder that is non-prescription codeine means that I woke up pain-free this morning, but I'm not wearing the new glasses for a few days as they will only aggravate the migraine, so further reports will be delayed.


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