Feb. 14th, 2016

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Heads-up: I'm not renewing the Loose Id contract for Buildup: Mindscan, so their edition will be removed from the Loose Id catalogue and third party resellers over the next month or two. I'll republish in a new edition at some point, but that won't be for several months at minimum. If you'd like to read my BDSM romance set in a dystopian future anytime soon and you don't already have a copy, go and get one now, direct from Loose Id, or from Amazon US, Amazon UK, All Romance eBooks, Google Play, iTunes, Kobo etc.

Note that today only there's a Valentine's Day 50% rebate at ARe for this and other books - it works in the form of a credit against future purchases.

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All Romance eBooks are having a 50% rebate day in honour of Valentine's Day. You have to pay full price, but you get the rebate back in the form of store credit to spend on your next purchase. Yes, that includes all of my titles available on the site. :-)
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One Size Fits All cover artI put my short story One Size Fits All on Smashwords and Amazon with a placeholder cover I made myself just to get the thing off a webpage and into modern ebook file formats. That was... two years ago. I've finally done something about improving the cover, and while I was at it I reformatted the text and added some backmatter. Which means that it's coupon time. :-)

I would much appreciate it if people would go along to SmashWords and download a copy in the file format of your choice, and report back any weirdnesses in the file (I've already seen one, I have no idea how to fix it, and I'm wondering if it will bother people). The book is priced at 99p, but coupon code NR46R gives a 100% discount, making it free at checkout. The coupon's valid for the next week.

While I'm at it - thoughts on the new cover? It's a cheap-n-cheerful job from a Fiverr artist, and looks it; but I hope it indicates that There Be Smut In These Here Parts.


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