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And a festive Gauda Prime Day greeting to my fellow members of the Church of Boucher. :-)
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And so it came to pass that 34 years ago, many of us were looking forward to the season finale of the fourth season of Blake's 7. It was obviously going to be a cliffhanger, because that's what they always did.

We're still hanging on the edge of that cliff...
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I spent a chunk of the afternoon rummaging through my hard drive looking for my copies of some of Predatrix's stories that she wants to put on AO3 and/or submit to a New Zine. (I never thought I'd be typing that last phrase again.) Stuff that was only ever in my email spool courtesy of beta-reading may be beyond practical reach now that I've finally abandoned Turnpike, but I should have had copies of everything that was published in one of my zines. You will note the word "should".

I have all the Tales zines on my hard drive, with the emails, in-progress files and final proofs neatly arrayed in their individual folders. I have Endless Farce 2. I do not have Endless Farce 1, which is the thing she most particularly wanted, on account of having completely lost any trace of it on her own machine.

What I do have is a box full of CDs, with assorted backups from over the years. I grabbed a handful and started working my way through. And on the CD I burned on 25 April 2000 I found the missing sub-directory. A fifteen year old CD, and the data is still perfectly readable. I wasn't really expecting that.

I should probably think about putting some of my own stuff on AO3, or at least more of other people's stuff from the zines, but the thought of fighting with AO3's horrible interface wearies me, even though I am assured that it has improved since the last time I did battle with it. I'm not that desperate for opportunities to cat-vacuum on the profic WIP.
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It is the winter solstice today, and more importantly for one small church, the Church of Boucher, it is one of our main feast days. Ladies and gentleman, raise a glass of good cheer angst to the man who killed Christmas. Happy Gauda Prime Day!
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I know which DVD *I'm* watching tonight. :-)
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Picked up from the Lyst: Gareth Thomas will be playing Cadfael on stage in a production touring the UK next year. More information on the touring company's website, including the first batch of dates (they mention touring in autumn as well, but no dates as yet).

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And a very happy Gauda Prime Day to you all, troopers. Alas, I have no presents to leave under the tree farm today, but fear not, I intend to continue with the zine upload as soon as my hands are recovered enough for that amount of mousing.

I regret to inform you that I will not be taking part in the annual Blake wake on Twitter tonight, owing to being geographically challenged. :-(
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Gacked from Altariel, on the off-chance that there's someone reading my LJ but not hers who would appreciate it:

And when I'd finished watching that one, YouTube offered me the following, which will make no sense at all to non-fans, but which reminded me of why I loved and still love this show so very very much.

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I was very sorry to hear of the death of Janet Lees Price on 22 May 2012 (currently at the top of the news page at http://www.avon-paul-darrow.co.uk/news.htm ). I never had the opportunity to meet her, but I know from friends how much she gave to Blake's 7 fandom.

Kalypso_v has a nice tribute to her.
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Big Finish is looking for Blake's 7 novellas -- 20 kword, first season only, open submission call. Outline and first 1000 words to be in by 10 June 2012. More details at their website:


(I very much regret to say that I recognise that it's impractical for me to submit to this call. I don't have anything suitable on hand even in partial draft, and there is no way I can write a novella from scratch in a commercial timeframe until my RSI has improved somewhat. Writers who miss deadlines without very good reason go to the end of the queue for the next submission slot. But dear god I would like to write something for this.)
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Peter Anghelides, former B7 fanzine editor and current pro novelist, talks about his visit to the set on the penultimate shooting day for "Blake". Good times. :-)

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From Alteriel:

I'll be watching "Blake" tonight, starting at 8.10pm, and tweeting as I watch: #GaudaPrimeDay

I shall endeavour to do the same. Let's get it trending, troopers.
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Thirty years ago tonight, the BBC broadcast the last episode of Blake's 7. Yes, that episode, the one that even non-fans remember. Thirty years since Chris Boucher ruined everyone's Christmas. Or, looked at from another perspective, gave angst fans their best Christmas present ever.

And it was the gift that just kept on giving, as far as fanfic was concerned. It's still inspiring stories. But the ones I've got under the G-P tree farm are from the 20th Anniversary Wake. Tales 5 and 6 are now available for your reading pleasure at the zine website on WordPress.
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And a merry Gauda Prime Day to one and all. :-) Adding my vote to the "let's have a synchrowatch for thirtieth anniversary" movement, and my apologies for the lack of fic posting this year.

(If you didn't understand that, you probably don't want to...)


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