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Yes, it's a marketing video designed to go viral. It's also got some really good ideas in it for what you can do with an NFC-enabled business card where you can have a different piece of art on the front of every card. I particularly like the one allowing Granny to phone the grandkids by tapping the phone against a picture of whichever kid she wants to phone. My father-in-law's losing his sight, and big, brightly coloured symbols might be easier to use than the frequent numbers keypad on his phone.

The video's also just geeky retro fun. :-)

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Moo have been wittering on for a while now about their plans for NFC-enabled business cards. Finally they are here. They're expensive (£24 for a pack of 20), but I can think of some interesting book promo things to do with them. Not least is the fact that you can monitor whether people are interacting with the cards, and update what the cards do. They won't hold much data on their own, but they'll hold a link to a website where people can download a lot more. Just off the top of my head - the link changes every month to a new sample or story. Or you get served a random story each time you visit. And while they're expensive, they're still cheaper than branded USB drives. Moo already have some cunning ideas for using their ability to print a different image on every card, including being able to generate a unique promo code on every card, but this takes it further. (Although alas the NFC cards don't seem to be as flexible as the standard cards in having a different image on each card.)
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I was remiss in not pointing out Moo's sale over the weekend. However, I did put in an order myself, for minicards and a pair of acrylic minicard holders. The latter turn out to be nicely sturdy while being small and lightweight. I am not convinced of the utility of the handy key chain ring which is included, because there is no obvious way to get it into the hole in the holder without damaging something. Nevertheless, they look like a good option for keeping a few cards handy in my pocket when I don't want to lug the box of 100 around with me (nice though the 100 packaging may be). I shall wave them at people come Eastercon...

Moo update

Jul. 6th, 2013 12:52 pm
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I've ordered a large pack of business cards with cover art from several of my books from Moo, in preparation for the UK Meet next weekend. I'd meant to get this done earlier but other things kept getting in the way. As a result I ended up paying the premium for next-day printing, just to make certain they arrived in time. Ordered on Thursday evening, email from Moo to say they'd been shipped mid-afternoon on Friday, delivered by Royal Mail this morning. I'd have preferred not to pay the premium, but I'm impressed. I wouldn't want to rely on getting it that quickly, but at least it means that ordering at the last minute isn't entirely out of the question should the need arise.

The set of 200 arrived as four sets of 50, packed in a sturdy card box that would fit through a typical UK letterbox. It included one of their own brand dispenser boxes, which is a nice re-usable box made from heavy pulpboard. It really is four sets of 50 cards, as I had 9 designs, which meant five designs with 6 cards and 4 designs with 5 cards, and it was the same 5 designs as the extras in each set of 50.

As before, the print quality is very nice. The trimming is fairly accurate, but isn't exactly on the specified cut line (which is why there's also a specified safe zone). I'd set mine up with a bleed zone that used a colour picked from the colours in the artwork, and set the artwork size on most of the cards to the safe zone to provide a coloured frame when cut. While the frame isn't perfectly even, the cards look pretty good. With two of the cards I set the edge of the artwork to the cutting line, and again, the cut wasn't exactly on the line but picking an appropriate bleed colour means they still look good.

These are not cheap. But as the occasional promotional giveaway, they'll do nicely for pleasing readers who like collecting cover flats and the like. And yes, they do have my email and website details on the back, plus some blank space to write something, so that I can use them as actual business cards.
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Review: moo.com business cards

I do very little by way of printed promo material, and most of it I print at home as and when required. But I could do with having some business cards to hand out my contact details at cons, and the business cards might as well double as promo material. However, I need so few that I can't justify doing a batch for each book.

Enter moo.com and their Printfinity system. You can put a different image on the reverse of every card in the batch, if you so desire. Which means that I can order a box of 50, and get a mix of all of my book covers. And they do a completely free sample box of 10, not even a charge for postage. The price is in the form of their own logo on the image side of the card, but it's small and discreet. So I thought I might as well have a play with the system and see what the quality is like.

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Overall -- I'm a very satisfied customer. The quality was excellent, and while there was a problem with one order, it was fixed quickly and politely. The only niggle I've got is that there doesn't seem to be a way of storing your images on their system other than as part of a design project. You have to re-upload each time you start a new project. But since they don't charge a fee for uploading images (unlike many card printers), and you can save and edit projects, this is not much of an issue. They also do postcards, greeting cards and stickers, although I haven't seen physical samples of those yet. On my experience so far, I'd be happy to recommend them to other authors looking for small print run options on promo materials. The one problem they have from a promo material perspective is that the laminate makes it difficult to write on them, so you'll need to take along something like a marker pen or photo pen to sign them or add details by hand.

And since they have a "refer a friend" bribery and corruption scheme... If you go through the link below, you'll get 10% off your first order (and I will get a discount off my next order:-> ).



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