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As promised a couple of weeks ago, what little there is of the Syndicate honeymoon story is now on my website. I haven't updated the links from other pages yet, but two chapters and some scraps of notes are now available for your reading pleasure.
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Just had a chat with [livejournal.com profile] waveney about installing WordPress for site maintenance, and CGI for embedding my LiveJournal on the site. Yes, I know WordPress is a blogging tool and this theoretically makes a LiveJournal embed redundant, but do you see me doing my primary blogging on WordPress at this moment in time? No, you do not, because my social network is primarily located on LiveJournal/Dreamwidth, and there are a bunch of us who use the LJ codebase tools and don't want to give them up. Rabbit is not moving wholesale to WordPress unless all of Rabbit's friends and relations do too, which is not happening.

Anyway, new tools are do-able, and will probably be done if and when I get around to it.

Prior to that, phoned [livejournal.com profile] predatrix and poked her about the bits of Syndicate 4 which she had managed to dig out last night. She's had problems emailing them to me, but we now think we have a workaround, and with any luck she'll even remember to do something about it when she gets back from dinner. Those will be going on the website once I receive them and tidy them up. And have composed a polite but firm version of "no, we are never going to write any more of it so don't bother nagging to see the rest of this." :->
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Having had a fit of enthusiasm about doing some updates on the fanfic website for Gauda Prime Day, I have carried on and done some tweaking to the profic one, which hadn't been updated for [mumble] years either. So far it's mostly "I Aten't Dead", but in the course of this I decided that I should probably upload the fragments of the Syndicate honeymoon story that got written before Alex fell off a health-related cliff four years ago. It's never going to get finished, and the whole series is now OOP anyway, so fans who would like to see even a fragment might as well have the chance to. Trouble is, I don't seem to have more than the first 1400 words and some scribblings about the proposed plot (yes, it did have one), and I know we had more scenes written than what I've got. It's not in Google Docs, so the only known copy of the later bits must be on Alex's hard drive. From 2007. Which could be... problematic... I need to rummage in the Skype chat files and see if I can get that far back, and my mailspool.

It's rather weird hand-coding full HTMl after doing some fairly intensive work recently on two sites which will auto-format a lot of the HTML for you from your plaintext, or let you wysiwyg-edit your html. I still think it's easier for later maintenance if you hand-code and do proper indenting and the like, but it requires more effort to set up, and certainly more effort to remember to put it all in, including the paragraph markers.

Having had the experience of setting up a WordPress-based site, I'm wondering about the feasibility of transferring the site to a WP-based system. But running it on my own site would require non-trivial ongoing investment of my time on keeping it secure, which would probably wipe out any gains on making it easier to create new pages and re-arrange existing pages.
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All good things must come to an end, and the Syndicate series has now been withdrawn from sale at the Loose Id website. For now you can still buy the first three ebooks at Fictionwise (which situation I don't expect to last all that long), and the print omnibus of the first two volumes will be available from Amazon in both the US and the UK for as long as stocks last at the distributor (which won't be very long). I've still got at least half a dozen copies of the print edition lurking under the bed, but if you want one of those you'll have to pay full cover price plus postage, and the Amazon copies qualify for free shipping under the usual rules about minimum purchase.

This was very much a mutual decision -- I received an email from Loose Id suggesting that it was time to retire the series just as I was pondering sending them an email saying the same thing. At the moment I don't have any plans to submit the series to another publisher. I may well put it up on my website eventually, but the key word here is "eventually". It will take a certain amount of work to webify it, and I have other things higher on my priority list (such as writing my next book). And I'm not asking Alex to do the webifying, because she has quite enough ways of cat-vacuuming already. :->
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The trade paperback of The Syndicate: Volumes 1 & 2 is now available. Amazon.com link given, also available from amazon.co.uk, or you can order it from a local bookshop by quoting ISBN: 1596321342.

Amazon.com says that it's still (just) available for Christmas with standard shipping, amazon.co.uk says it isn't. It's available with supersaver shipping in both countries. The cover art and blurb aren't available yet -- apparently they take a few days to show up.

I am a happy author. :-)
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Okay, I'm allowed to tell you now. :-) The first two volumes of _The
Syndicate_ are going to be released in an omnibus paperback edition. It
should be out sometime in late summer if things go according to plan.
It'll be in the same sort of format as the paperback books that have
already been released by Loose Id - I got my mitts on those at Writer's
Weekend this weekend, and they're very nicely produced books.
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So I sent Journey Into Freedom to Tor on Monday. I know it's got at least as far as the Flatiron building, because I paid the extra 45c for delivery confirmation, well worth it for the peace of mind it gives. :-) We now hurry up and wait. And wait. And wait... I should probably decide on the next venue and do the query letter, since it seems to be easier to tackle that bit when the thing's actually sitting in a slushpile somewhere, rather than when I'm trying to wind myself up to send it out again.

I finally gave in and bought a scanner. I've never had one at home, because they do take up a lot of room and I didn't really have enough use for one to justify the space, when I can usually hand whatever-it-is to Other Half with instructions to scan it at work. But there's starting to be enough call for it now that it's inconvenient to not have one in the home office. I did a little research on the one I had in mind, and discovered that nobody cares about the OCR side of things any more. Since one of the major uses I have in mind for it is OCR, this was a bit of a pain. At least I eventually managed to find out that it does have OCR software included. Things have obviously changed since the last time I had occasion to read scanner reviews... It does have a nice easy button on the front to scan and send straight to the printer, pity this invariably results in the printer spitting out a blank page. I'll have to get this sorted out, because one of the secondary reasons for getting the scanner was increasing need of photocopying.

The Syndicate 1 peaked at #8 on Fictionwise's erotica list this week, although it's dropped back down to 11 today. It's also picked up a couple of reader ratings.
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3000 words on Spindrift yesterday, and 1000 today, so progressing well.

And The Syndicate 1 reached #9 on the Fictionwise erotica list today. :-)
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Just checked The Syndicate 1 over at Fictionwise. It wasn't on the second page anymore, somewhat worrying me. It turned out to be not on the second page... because it was on the first page, at #12.

I am Pleased.

(And for the RASFC crowd - Alma's at #10 on the fantasy list today.)
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I've been more or less offline for a week, so here's the news...

The latest episode of The Syndicate was released on Tuesday. You can now buy The Syndicate: Four Leaf Clover from those nice people at Loose Id. This one's a novelette-length Fling, and was the result of someone at Loose Id thinking that it would be nice if we did a St Patrick's Day story. Those already familiar with Allard's interesting personality can probably imagine what his reaction was on being presented with geeen beer... You can read a short extract on the Loose Id website.

Raven Electrick rejected Ghost Train.

Two stories submitted to Alyson's Ultimate Gay Erotica 2006. I asked about the print run for last year's anthology, and it appears that I have disqualified myself for the Writers of the Future competition (assuming that any genre counts, which was what I understood the rules to mean).

In the end I didn't send the submission package to Tor before I left. I'd had some very useful suggestions from [livejournal.com profile] feetnotes, which resulted in some rewriting that I wanted to let settle. I've got what I think is a workable synopsis, printed out and stuffed in an envelope with a cover letter, all ready to go once I get home and re-read just to check, so there need not be another bout of running around in circles before sending it. Further comments will be welcome, though. :-)
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We received the contract paperwork for The Syndicate: Four Leaf Clover over the weekend, so it's been officially accepted for publication. We also have a publication date, but as usual we are not allowed to say what it is, because there's always the possibility of glitches leading to it failing to appear on the due date. However, edits are going back and forth very fast...

Other work done over the weekend--I've done another batch of edits for Mindscan, and did another 5700 words or so on Spindrift, taking the total word count to 23,300 words to date.
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Other news from this month:

The Syndicate: Volume 3 was released by Loose Id on the 16th and is now available for purchase online. There's an excerpt from Volume 3 available on the Loose Id website.

Both Promises to Keep and the previous volume of The Syndicate picked up good reviews from Coffee Time Romance and Just Erotic Romance Reviews.

My erotica short story A Sparrow Flies Through was accepted for the Down and Dirty 3 anthology from Pretty Things Press.
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The Syndicate: Volume 2 was released yesterday by Loose Id and is now available for purchase online.

The rewrite story I was working on has been formally submitted to Loose Id, although I still have to write the synopsis for it.
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The first volume of the gay romantica series The Syndicate was released by its new publisher Loose Id last week. It now has an ISBN, 1-59632-034-6, and some very lovely cover art. The second volume, ISBN 1-59632-035-4 and the third volume, ISBN 1-59632-036-4 will be available later this year. They too have lovely cover art, and the three covers together make up a single picture. I'm (rather slowly) adding the cover art to the page for The Syndicate on my website. I'm told that items with the cover art will eventually appear at Loose Id's CafePress shop - the montage will make a lovely mug, so I hope that's one of the things that ends up in the catalogue, because *I want one*.

Two chapters are available for free download from both my website and from co-author Alex's website. Alex is *still* swearing at the ftp client for putting pages in the wrong place, so I don't have an accurate link at the moment.


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