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(If you're reading this on the Dreamwidth journal, you'll need to go over to LJ and pick up the torchwood boxset tag to see previous installments.)

"We're talking to the wrong corpse."

The very first episode showed how Torchwood is the worst and best job in the world, with Jack's second-in-command getting a little too carried away with her job, and ending up on ice in the vaults herself. Three months later, the team have reason to find out just what she knew about the background of their current problem -- and in Torchwood, even suicide isn't always an effective way to resign from the job...

Intricately plotted, well acted, and wonderfully filmed and directed, this meditation on life and death shows just what Torchwood is capable of -- from what was originally one of the over-commission scripts which were commissioned to give the production time extra material to draw on in case of problems with the primary scripts.

Watching it for the first time is like playing with one of those Russian doll sets; every time you open up a layer, you find something else nested inside. This does sometimes give me suspension of disbelief problems on rewatching, in part because Suzie's plan is so elaborate, but on my first time through I was too mesmerised by the developing story and character interplay to care.

They Keep Killing Suzie )
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Last year I started going through the Torchwood boxset (there was only one boxset at the time), and doing "my thorts" posts as I worked my way through each episode/disc. That stopped when I got the day job, but since I have a small mountain range of ironing to do today, I'm looking for something to watch while I do it. Hence resumption where I left off, with the special features on disc 3. (If you're reading this on the Dreamwidth journal, you'll need to go over to LJ and pick up the torchwood tag to see previous installments.)

Torchwood: Sex, Violence, Blood and Gore

Declassified that does what it says on the tin. Focus on eps 6, 7, 8. In amongst the tittering about "aren't we post-watershed!!!" there's some serious discussion about the production choices made.

Torchwood The Team and Their Troubles

Ianto and Evan
Short feature discussing the way Countrycide sees Ianto out of the Hub and acting as a full member of the field team for the first time. Some nice stuff in this one, worth watching.

Toshiko and Mary
Short feature looking at Toshiko as a character, and how the special effects team created Mary's alien form. Remarkably little "we're so post-watershed" silliness, and a nice piece for those who like background material.
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With three episodes on this disc, there are fewer extras -- only three mini-documentaries, one for each episode on the disc.

"Torchwood Out of this world"
Ghost Machine

Five minute documentaries focusing on how they created the device/monster of the week. A lot of overlap with the material in the Declassifieds, but some new material and a different focus.
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Another of the episodes I hadn't seen before. Oh look, it's another "hot girl on girl action" episode. Although in fact they *don't* play it for the gratuitous sex scene opportunities, which I'm glad of. Not just because f/f isn't my taste in porn, but because in this episode it would have distracted from the point of the story instead of supporting it. This is a character episode, and it's an episode about what Torchwood does to the people who work there, and their relationships with other people. Usually we see the damage through Gwen, but it's good to see that it's not just Gwen, but a more general problem caused by not being able to talk to anyone outside the job.

So Tosh is feeling lonely and unloved and put-upon, and thus is ripe for seduction by a woman who happens to be an alien who's been living on Earth for the last century or two, and who's interested in Torchwood's investigation of a piece of technology connected with her. An alien with a pendant that bestows the gift of telepathy. As Tosh finds out, being able to hear the hidden thoughts of others is both addictive and disturbing...
Torchwood 1.07 -- Greeks Bearing Gifts )

In general -- I enjoyed this one quite a lot, though it's not on my list of favourite episodes.
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Not the teatime viewing one associates with the Whoniverse, is it? In fact, I put off watching this for a couple of weeks because the only time I had free to watch it was when I was eating, and I knew enough about the episode to know better than to do that...

This is one of the ones I had to skip for lack of time when I did my marathon catch-up on first broadcast. I've since been completely spoilered for the big surprise, of course, so I'm not going to see it in the same way as those who saw it the night of first broadcast.

That said -- it's one of the weakest episodes, in my opinion, but as seems to be the case with Torchwood, it's not a complete waste of time. And there are bits of it that look better considered as part of the long term story arc than they might on first viewing.

Torchwood 1.06 -- Countrycide )
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Even more incoherent than usual, because I didn't actually write it up until several days after I watched it. (And before anyone suggests anything, not because I was distracted by Ianto, because there wasn't much Ianto in this episode, though there was one good bit.) There are some flaws in this one, but it's still one of my favourites from the first season.

Torchwood 1.05 -- Small Worlds )
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Jack really needs to look at his hiring policy and people management skills, doesn't he? First Suzie, now this.

Torchwood 1.04 -- Cyberwoman )

The episode doesn't really work as the fourth episode of a new show, because you don't have enough reason to care about Ianto and Lisa. But it does work as a fragment of a longer piece, and I could chatter on at far greater length about why. There's a hell of a lot of characterisation and things implied that work a lot better when you have more of the long term story arc.
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I'm somewhat biased about this episode, what with being a hardcore fan of Gareth Thomas, who plays the older Ed Morgan. Nevertheless, here are my thoughts on watching it again on DVD.

Torchwood 1.03 -- Ghost Machine )

So overall -- the show has settled down into its long term pattern after the introductory episodes, with a reworking of the idea that ghosts are recorded emotions. Mostly decent script and some solid acting work, giving a lot more depth to Owen. One I'll be happy to watch again even without my fangirl reason for doing so.
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The boxset has plenty of additional material to give people a reason to buy it, including mini-documentaries and a collection of deleted scenes. A lot of it's only worth watching once, but it's more than space-filler, and some of the deleted scenes are well worth having.

Torchwood series 1 boxset -- special features disc 1 )
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Torchwood Declassified 1.02 -- Bad day at the office (Day One) )

Some mildly interesting insight into the first two episodes, and some useful reference material on the Hub set.
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Long, long wibble about the episode "Day One" and its accompanying DVD commentary...

1600 words on Torchwood 1.02 -- Day One )

So, flawed episode that's still worth watching at least once, with some good bits that tie in to the long term story arc; and an interesting DVD commentary that's a short course in how to construct an episode.
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Just watched the second episode of Torchwood for the first time -- the one that most of my flist thought sucked harder than... well, fill in the bad joke yourself. This is the one with the sex gas driving a young woman to bonk anything in trousers, praying mantis style. Detailed analysis later, but will you all hate me if I say that it wasn't good, but it wasn't actually utterly terrible?
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Yes, I've got a boxed set, so you're going to be subjected to Torchwood drool for a bit. The last disc in the set has the whole series of Torchwood Declassified, the 10 minute "behind the scenes" thing they did for each episode.

Torchwood Declassified 1.00 -- Welcome to Torchwood )
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Having bought the boxed set of Torchwood season one, I'm now working my way through it. My rambling about episode 1, "Everything Changes", under the cut.

Everything Changes )

Heroes in shades of grey, right from the start. Oh, *yes*. Thank you, RTD; I'll forgive you all the dud episodes and all the plotholes, for this one and a few more.


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