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I've been wanting to get some stuff from the wool shop anyway, and the email announcing some interesting specials this weekend for Knitting In Public Day was a good incentive to drag myself out of bed and into the rain first thing this morning. I was so early the shop was still opening up as I arrived. Alas, I spent a little too long nattering to the woman in the shop, and missed the bus home by about 1 minute. It was early enough in the morning that the next bus wasn't for another forty minutes. Because I'd got to the bus stop less than half a minute late and hadn't seen the bus anywhere further up the road, I had to wait ten minutes or so to be certain I really had missed the bus and that it wasn't just running late. I'd left my Kobo at home to save weight in the backpack. My phone battery turned out to be dead.

And thus I have become that old lady who knits at the bus stop...


Sep. 13th, 2015 07:11 pm
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I failed to post last weekend about having made it over to the wool shop's new location for their opening party. The new shop is a good deal smaller, but they've taken the opportunity to redo the layout, and it's a really nice space. I don't think it's really practical for me to get there after work for the knitting classes, but it would be nice if I could. Instead I bought enough wool and equipment to keep me occupied with working my way through the learn-to-knit book for absolute beginners I acquired last month.

The party included goodie bags for anyone making a purchase, so I have two hanks of Sirdar Lush and a pattern to go with the things I bought. Alas, I will not be up to using it for a while yet. This is also why I resisted buying any of the stunning hand-dyed yarn from Fyberspates, who were doing a guest spot - with yarn so freshly dyed it was still slightly damp. :-) It is gorgeous, gorgeous yarn, and I will be getting some when I've got to a level where it would not be wasted on me.

I'd already started working on my first project beyond practice squares, which was my other incentive to go to the party and pick up some kit, and I completed it yesterday: a pair of simple baby bootees. The sewing up is a little rough, but the bootees *are* the same size, so I'm pleased enough with my first go. :-)


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