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Jules Jones

Yog's Law: Money flows *towards* the author

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Created on 2009-05-01 08:11:52 (#153663), last updated 2019-04-18 (20 hours ago)

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I'm a scientist by trade, but I also write. Nowadays I write cross-genre romance for a small press. I used to write fanfic, and may do so again. I also ramble on at length in my DW. Most of my published stuff (that I'm admitting to on *this* page, anyway, I'm not giving you the ISBNs for the scientific publications) is in ebook format, though I also have a couple of dead tree fiction credits. If you like science fiction with a gay romance plot, and possibly oodles of sex, pop over to my website for free samples and instructions on where to buy the books.

I have a WordPress blog to mirror selected highlights (mostly my reviews and the occasional serious post about writing):

And I'm active on Librarything, where you'll find part of my book collection catalogued.

Friending: I don't automatically follow back back anyone who follows me, and I won't necessarily read anyone I do follow. Below is what I used to say about friending back when I was still primarily on LiveJournal. It still pretty much applies to my default view, although I may have occasional locked posts for crit groups and the like.

My friends list is not a list of my friends. It is (mostly) a list of the blogs I need or want to read frequently enough that it's worth my while having them all on one meta-bookmark. I have RSI, and an aversion to HTML, so there are many of my dear and good friends who aren't on my friends list because I physically *can't* read all the relevant LJs. There's no need to worry about not being able to read my friends-locked entries, because there aren't any. If it's *that* private, it goes by email... It's conceivable that if you friend this LJ, I may friend you back from my other LJ. There are reasons for this. They're complicated, so don't worry about it.:-)

I don't mind if people follow me, but if you've followed me because I said something on someone else's blog that you thought terribly insightful or interesting, you may be disappointed. I know I have a tendency to fly off the handle, so I usually sit on my hands when some exciting topic of conversation hits blogland. By the time I've thought about what I want to say and if I should say it, someone else has started a good-looking thread, and I end up posting there instead. My own Dreamwidth is mostly boring writer stuff, and ongoing "context is for the weak" conversations with people I've known a long time.

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