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2017-04-14 03:04 pm

At Eastercon

Posting via teeny tiny screen on phone, so more later. Working Green Room much of weekend so DM or tweet me at twitter @bookfetishist or email me for meet up. If you have my mobile, it hasn't changed.
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2017-04-09 10:02 pm

In light of the current rumpus...

I'm julesjones on both LJ and DW. I've been reading primarily via LJ friends view for years because that's where most of my friends are. There appears to be a critical mass moving to DW as their primary interface now, so I'm changing over as well. I don't normally lock down comments, so LJ users can comment anonymously on DW even if they don't have OpenID set up.
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2017-02-26 08:05 am

At Redemption

Apparently LJ is blocking cross posting from DreamWidth, so my post yesterday didnt make it over. We are at Redemption and will be here until Monday morning. Posting to LJ & DW from phone not fun so broadcasting of whereabouts is happening on Twitter.
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2017-02-25 04:48 pm

Hello Redemption

Apparently my previous post... Didnt. Anyway, now posting from my phone at con. Phone keyboard sucks. More later.
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2017-01-02 10:28 pm

LiveJournal and Dreamwidth

Since much of my social circle on LiveJournal is running around wanting to know where everyone is on DreamWidth - I'm julesjones on both sites, and if I know you on one I'm happy to add you on the other. I'm also *busy* at the moment, so I'll probably miss people's announcements of who they are on DW. Comments on this post are screened on DW; I make no promises as to what happens once it's crossposted to LJ. I normally post on DW and auto-cross-post to LJ, but read from LJ. If we're all decamping I'll have to change that (mutter, grumble).
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2017-01-02 10:15 pm

Out now: A Collision With Reality

My alter ego's new short is released today. It's the first of a series of short stories, but can be read as a standalone. More details below:
book details )
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2016-12-31 07:10 pm
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Gareth Thomas 1945-2016

The year's almost done, and many of us will not be sorry to see it go. We've lost too many this year; the friends, the famous, the icons of our youth. For me that includes someone who fell under all three headings. I have tried for months to write this entry. I am supposed to be a writer, and yet the words slip through my fingers as I try to type.

One of the things about science fiction fandom is that there are friends you only ever see at cons, who you may not even communicate with outside cons, who are yet good and dear friends you fall upon with cries of joy and take up the conversation with as if it had not been months since you last spoke. For me Gareth Thomas was not just one of these friends, but the one I'd known longest. Nearly twenty-one years ago I decided that it was time to go to one of these cons I'd been hearing about in books and magazines over the years, and when I checked the con listings in the small ads in one of those magazines, I found there would be one only an hour's drive away, with one of my favourite actors from one of my favourite shows on the guest list.
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2016-12-29 12:23 pm

***Don't buy books from All Romance eBooks***

Last night/today All Romance eBooks sent out emails to authors and readers notifying them that the site is closing on 31 December. Readers have until then to back up their library. Authors and publishers are being offered 10c on the dollar for the Quarter 4 royalties up until 27 December. *No* royalties will be paid on any sales after then. Some readers with credit are reporting that their credit has been wiped. Readers who pre-ordered had to pay up front on order - that money will not be returned and they won't get the books.

DO NOT BUY MY BOOKS FROM ARE. I will not see the money. Neither will my publisher, who paid for the editing and cover art on my books. Don't buy anyone else's books either. You may not even get the books you've paid for.

Authors - get on there *now* and get your books off, because ARe has continued to sell books at full price, after announcing they're not going to pay the authors what they're owed.

Kudos to those publishers who've already said they'll honour pre-orders directly for people affected by the pre-order thing.
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2016-12-24 03:01 pm

New release: In Like Flynn 1

Some news on the writing front - I've sold a short story series to NineStar Press, and the opening story is now available for pre-order before release day on 2 January 2017. :-) Details below, along with selected links (I haven't had a chance to chase them all down yet, but am assured by my Shadowy Mistresses that it will be available in all the usual places).

Yes, that is a new pen name on the cover. This is because I decided a while back to have a separate pen name for material that's erotica rather than erotic romance. The primary reason is simply so that readers who were expecting a HEA or HFN aren't disappointed. It so happens that my long term plan for this series will involve a HFN, but this specific bit of it is basically two guys in an office thinking "I would not kick that out of bed on a cold night".

A Collision with Reality

by Storm Duffy


Flynn’s new boss is so hot he can’t wait to get home to tell the chatroom how much he wants Dom’s cock down his throat. By Friday, he’s shared quite a few thoughts on what he’d like his boss to do to him. But he’s not as anonymous as he thinks, and Dom’s intent on disciplining him for breaching company policy on social networking. Dom gives him a choice of put up or shut up: he can play out the fantasy in real life, or he can walk out of the office without a word to HR as long as he never talks that way about Dom again. Flynn chooses “put up”—but he’s forgotten about one of the things he said he wouldn’t mind doing.

NineStar Press (where you can find an excerpt)

All Romance eBooks (where you can find an excerpt)

Amazon US

Amazon UK

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2016-10-23 08:50 am

book log: 2016 Hugos

I'm working my way through my treeware notebook, and have found some notes from my Hugo reading stint which it appears I never posted at the time. Here, have some belated Hugo thoughts. :-)

Naomi Kritzer -- Cat pictures please

Gentle, funny short about what happens when a search engine wakes up and wants to be helpful. It has more sense than to expose its existence, so it tries to do good deeds by stealth. I was smiling on every page. Lovely if slightly creepy little story about the potential benefits of AI.

Available free at http://clarkesworldmagazine.com/kritzer_01_15/

Brooke Bolander -- And You Shall Know Her By The Trail Of Dead

Take one part pulp, one part cyberpunk, add a shot of very cheap bourbon, and shake well. Watch the resulting foul mouthed guttersnipe of a synthetic person take on a security AI at its own game; or maybe the reverse. Bolander sketches in some fascinating world building with a few brief sentences, but the focus is on the rescue mission Rhye’s been press-ganged into. It’s a fast moving tale with a satisfying conclusion, and deserves a spot on the Hugo ballot.

Available free at http://www.lightspeedmagazine.com/fiction/shall-know-trail-dead/

Chuck Tingle -- Space Raptor Butt Invasion

Okay. There’s back story on what this is doing on the Hugo ballot. It is not your typical nominee. Onwards…

Our hero is one of two men (definitely men) manning a remote observation station somewhere on a remote planet. The story opens as his teammate leaves at the end of his assignment, with no replacement arriving. Budget cuts mean the station will be solo manned from now on, and our hero will be the only living thing on the planet. So what is that mysterious space suited figure he thinks he’s seen?

So far, it’s a pitch perfect pastiche of Golden Age pulp. I have read the stories. I could make a guess at what happens next.

What happens next is that it segues into a pastiche of pulp gay porn, only with two guys stuck with solo duty on their respective nation’s planetary observation base. One of whom is a dinosaur...

Dr Tingle had far too much fun ramming every possible porn cliché into his tight virgin word processor. This is really not my taste in porn, not least because it pastiches bad pulp punctuation, but it’s very funny. My verdict as a Hugo voter is that this story gets No Awarded, but I am nominating the good Doctor’s performance art in response to its nomination for next year’s Best Related Work category.
Amazon UK
Amazon US
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2016-10-02 07:16 pm

short story sale

I've sold an erotica short to NineStar Press, now through editing and expected release date early January. More details later, but just thought I'd get that out there. :-)
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2016-08-25 11:18 pm

book purchase rec

Quick note from the Amazon 99p bargains - I read the first book from Angela Roquet's Reapers series a while back. That's usually free as a series hook, but right now the boxset of the first three books is 99p on Amazon UK. I liked the first one well enough that I'd recommend going along to your online bookstore of choice and checking out the blurb.

Amazon UK
Amazon US
or A$1.99 on Amazon Australia.

Alas, it seems to have already gone back up to full price on Smashwords since I bought it, but it's still very reasonably priced for those who prefer epub.
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2016-07-20 10:27 pm

Vikings on Mars

Today is, of course, the anniversary of the first human landing on the Moon. My parents tell me they put me in front of the tv to watch it, although I have no memory of this. The first spacecraft landing I can remember was on the same day seven years later. Viking 1 touched down on the surface of Mars forty years ago today. I can still remember very clearly my excitement watching a popular science show on tv explaining beforehand how the various instruments and experiments would work, and my sense of wonder at seeing the first images.

Forty years on I'm following the current Mars lander's twitter account. Curiosity's a chatty little robot, or at least the humans behind the account are. Time and technology march on. But still I remember the awe with which I watched that slow scan build up into a panorama of the Martian landscape.
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2016-07-01 10:29 pm

Somme Centenary

Today is the centenary of the start of the Battle of the Somme; a wound that still gapes raw in the psyche of the United Kingdom and across the Commonwealth, even though it is a hundred years and the last survivor has gone. There have been commemorations across the country and beyond.

I went to watch the lunchtime parade from the Cenotaph to Manchester Cathedral. The crowd was relatively thin where I was, so I was right at the front leaning on the fencing. A regimental brass band is *very* loud when it's passing three feet in front of you... The parade included descendents, veterans of later wars, and a group of Chelsea Pensioners in ceremonial uniform.

And then on the way home after work I had two encounters with the #WeAreHere ghost soldiers. A group of them were singing on the steps outside Marks and Spencers as I walked up St Mary's Gate towards the bus station. I stopped and watched until they finished, shouldered arms, and marched away down New Cathedral Street. I went on my way, and as I walked up Market Street towards the bus station another section marched past. Ghosts of the past, brought to life for this one day. By then people knew about them, but it was still an eerie and deeply moving experience, and I'm not surprised that my colleagues who encountered them at the railway stations early this morning found it very emotional.

Lest we forget.
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2016-05-30 06:40 pm

book log 2015: 16) James Runcie -- Sidney Chambers and The Shadow of Death

First of the Grantchester Mysteries series, about a Church of England vicar who solves mysteries in collaboration with one of the local police detectives. The first book is a set of six short stories, each a standalone about an individual case, but with an overall arc running through them. I bought it because I'd seen and enjoyed a couple of episodes of the tv adaptation. This doesn't always mean I'll like a book, but in this case I'm very glad I bought it. It's an excellent period cosy mystery, written by someone who knows the minutiae of Anglican clerical life. The ebook for this one is often low price as a hook for the series, and well worth getting.

Amazon UK
Amazon US
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2016-05-30 06:20 pm

book log 2015: 15) Luke Young -- Friends with partial benefits

Sweetly funny milf erotic romance novel - but be warned that the characters spend an awful lot of the book being interrupted before they can actually do something about their attraction. Successful romance writer Jillian divorced her no-good husband a while back for cheating on her, and hasn't had much luck in the dating game since then. So when her son comes home from unversity for vacation and brings his friend Brian with him, Jillian can't help but notice that Brian's very nicely put together. He's also her son's friend, which puts him off limits.

Brian thinks Jillian's pretty hot, even if she's old enough to be his friend's mother. In fact, she *is* his friend's mother, which puts her off limits...

While some of the situations they end up in are frankly implausible, the lead and supporting characters are well-written, and Jillian and Brian's ever more frantic efforts to first hide and then give in to their attraction are entertaining. This isn't going to be to everyone's taste; but if it appeals to your sense of humour, it's a lot of fun.

This is the first of a series, but there's closure at the end of the book. The ebook is free as a hook for the series, and I think worth downloading to try it out.

Amazon UK
Amazon US
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2016-05-30 05:29 pm

book log 2015: 14) AR Winters -- Don't be a Stranger (Valerie Inkerman Investigates Book 1)

Mystery novel which I can remember very little about save that I enjoyed it and would happily read more of the series. It's not the book's fault I can't remember the details, as I was somewhat jet-lagged at the time of reading.

Amazon UK
Amazon US
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2016-05-30 03:25 pm

rebate day at All Romance eBooks

All Romance eBooks are having a 50% rebate day for Memorial Day. You have to pay full price, but you get the rebate back in the form of store credit to spend on your next purchase. Yes, that includes all of my titles available on the site. :-)
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2016-05-15 09:40 am

Waves from the planet of bound dead trees

Er... It's been a while since I posted, hasn't it? I've had a bad case of Real Life, with a number of issues set in a tasteful background of Roadworks Gridlock. I've read a lot of blogs of late, thanks to my smartphone and free bus wifi. Writing on the bus is another matter - a tweet is about the most I can manage on a smartphone's virtual keyboard, so any writing is on dead trees, and it's not getting transferred onto the intarwebs at any great rate. Some of the bits of the novel WIP I transferred to the Word Pro file yesterday were from January... With any luck I'll catch up on all my unanswered email, and there'll be something more than "hi, I'm alive" later here today.