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Since it was three weeks since I'd last seen the inside of A&E and the "Oh **** I need to get off this med right now" side effect had tailed off a week after that, I decided at the weekend that it's safe to go to Eastercon. I've been on the current second med before in combination with the primary migraine med (although not at the current high dose of primary) so I know what it normally does by way of side-effects, and while they can be unpleasant after a while they have never made me feel like A&E would be A Really Good Idea. So I should be there after lunch tomorrow.


Mar. 22nd, 2016 10:33 pm
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This year it's Mancunicon, so I have no travel plans more specific than "get on a tram every day". :-) I've booked Thursday and Tuesday off work, although I can't guarantee to get there on Thursday as I have Stuff happening on Thursday morning that may leave me feeling too wiped out to go in and volunteer to stuff member packets (ooh, err, missus). I might drop in on Wednesday evening on my way home from work if there's a likelihood of any friends being there, but can't guarantee it.

I'm not on any panels, but I will probably drop into Green Room to volunteer for a few hours, unless my pain level forbids. Failing that, I will go and camp in panels where friends are appearing.


Apr. 2nd, 2015 07:04 pm
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Kalypso_V and I are travelling down together Friday morning, arriving early afternoon. We'll be leaving sometime on Monday afternoon.

I'm not on any panels. I may well be in the audience when other rascafarians are on panels, but am not guaranteeing it. :-) In fact, I really need to cross-check the programme first thing, to make sure I know where to track other people down.

Twitter handle is @bookfetishist and my mobile number has not changed - ping via gmail if you need a reminder.
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I'm not going to many, if any, cons this year. Only one of the usual suspects is even possible at the moment.

Redemption - not going, because work and family commitments mean I simply don't have the time or the energy. Which makes me sad, because Redemption is my One True Con.

Eastercon - possibly ditto, but because it's over a bank holiday weekend, it's rather more feasible. There is a twin room booked, to be released or converted to single should self and/or sharer be unable to make it. Current travel plans are to go to con on Friday morning and home again Monday afternoon, should I go. Probably leaving earlier on Monday than I normally would, because I won't be able to take Tuesday as leave in order to recover.

UK Meet - would like to go assuming no family/work commitments, but it's limited ticket and sold out ages ago. I won't know for a while whether it's even practical to put myself on the waitlist.

Which means that as usual, this may be the year I finally get to Novacon, but probably won't be...
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Back from Worldcom, had a great time with several thousand of my closest friends. Woth any luck will; even write something about it while I can still remember.

Not going to forget meeting Brian Aldiss, though. :-)
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I see to have volunteered for the access desk - ground floor near registration, and will probably be there much of the morning. Other than that, no definite plans but some panels I was interested in. Checking gmail and twitter every so often, which will pick up LJ/DW comments as well.


Aug. 14th, 2014 07:10 am
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Arrive around lunch today, leave late afternoon on Monday. No panels. Mobile number unchanged. Twitter is bookfetishist. Currently panicking about what have I forgotten to pack.
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Not packing for Discworld, because it's a short bus ride from home and therefore I will be sleeping in my own bed this weekend. :-)

Not on any panels and no particular plans, other than show up after work tomorrow night, and on Saturday and Sunday some time after breakfast. Monday I'll be back at work, although I might drop in to the Dead Dog party. Let me know if you want me to bring anything along.


Apr. 20th, 2014 09:00 pm
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At Eastercon, having a good time in spite of migraine and lack of migraine tablets (now rectified). Got to see a lot of friends, although haven't caught up with everyone. Been to several good panels, in some of which I was that annoying person typing away on the iPad (partly because of the migraine - typing notes was the only way I'd remember a word of it two hours later). There will be at least a partial con report at some point, because I wrote up much of Friday the same night.

I've been a lot more mobile than last year, when I skipped Eastercon altogether because I knew I would be too tired and sore to enjoy it. For the future - I have signed up for full membership of the now-seated 2015 bid, @Dysprosiumcon although not sure yet if I'll be able to make it. Jacey has convinced me to at least consider Milford when I finish the urban fantasy, as I'd like to workshop it through the sf side even if I submit it to a romance publisher. I've not signed up for Novacon, because I probably won't have the time/energy after Worldcon, but maybe this will be the year I finally go...

If you're here and still haven't seen me, come and say hello sometime. I'm here until tomorrow afternoon.
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Current plan is to arrive Friday lunchtime, leave late Monday afternoon.

I am not on any panels. I'm also unlikely to be doing much in the way of stewarding etc, because although I'm more mobile than I was at last year's cons, this isn't really saying a lot. I may actually get to more panels than I did at Redemption, though.

I have a shiny new smartphone, the better to have net access while away from home, but have not entirely mastered it yet, as Waveney and Watervole can attest after this morning's series of aborted phone calls. :-) It is also handbag-sized rather than pocket-sized. So I'm still carrying around the old mobile in my pocket, and am most reliably contactable on the old mobile number. Email if you're likely to need it.

Will be glad to meet up with people, but bear in mind that I am likely to tire easily and go to bed relatively early (although I said this 2 years ago and ended up talking to a group of rascafarians until Well Past My Bedtime one night...).
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I have acquired a transfer membership to this year's UK Discworld con. Note that "acquired membership" is not the same as "attending con", because I'm still not sure I'll have time/physical capacity to go, especially with Worldcon the following weekend. But at least I now have the option. Any time I do spend at the con will not be during working hours, because there is no chance I'll get more time off on Mon/Fri at that time of the year.

That's three cons for this year. Haven't done that many in years.
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Back from the Meet, having had an excellent weekend in spite of being somewhat restricted in my activities. With any luck I'll have the energy to do a report later this week, but I got to catch up with Stevie Carroll for the second time this year, and also met several people I know online but have never met in meatspace before. Caught up on some industry gossip, got the chance to talk to a couple of publisher people about general stuff, had what is for me the very novel experience of having several people say, "You're Jules Jones! I loved your book XYZ." Also have anecdotal evidence that the Lord and Master covers are very much liked.

Thanks go to the committee, who are apparently mad enough to do it again next year, this time in Bristol.
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Just bought my membership for Satellite 4, next year's Eastercon being held in Glasgow. This is not a guarantee that I'll be there, of course, but Kalypso_v and I are intending to travel up together for the weekend. For those intending to go who have not yet bought a membership, price goes up at the end of tomorrow.

Still need to make a final decision on the UK Meet, but that will have to wait until I've checked my diary for the many and varied medical appointments over the next few months.
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Had a great time at the con, in spite of being fairly immobile. Highlight was of course the wedding, but good to catch up with a fair number of friends I only see once a year at cons. Alas, it did confirm that Eastercon is going to be a really bad idea. I could just about cope with the Redemption hotel, and that's as compact a con hotel as you'll find, so long as you can manage standing to wait for the Douglas Adams Memorial Lifts (which were as annoying as ever, but did not normally have queues to use them) to arrive. Anything requiring more actual walking between rooms would knacker me, even if I didn't lose my walking stick en route to the con.

Con report may or may not follow -- I didn't go to many panels, so a lot of the con report would be a run down of who I was talking to in the bar and what we were talking about. Which is of interest to me, and hopefully to some of the other people concerned, but probably not to many of the rest of you.
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Back home late last night, somewhat later than intended owing to points failure south of Stoke. Excellent time, caught up with many of my friends, con report may or may not follow.
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Kalypso_v and I arrived at lunchtime, and have managed to catch up with at least some people at least briefly. I also have a location text from CharlieA, which owing to noisy environment I failed to notice until it was outdated...

Currently have no net access other than hotel internet lounge, as the laptop was more weight than I wanted to risk trying to carry if not necessary, and I don't have a smartphone.

Just got a location text from lexin, so going in search... :-)
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Yes, I'm going. Travelling with kalypso-v, arriving late lunchtime Friday morning if all goes well, and leaving mid-afternoon Monday.

I'm not on any panels (before anyone asks, because I didn't volunteer for any).

As noted in a comment to my previous post, normally I would say that I could probably be found hiding^W helping in the Green Room some of the time, but if I can't be relied on to hold onto a mug of tea, I certainly can't be relied on to do a bar run, so I'm not sure what or even if I'm doing by way of stewarding. Ops runner has been suggested as something I might be able to do even in my enfeebled state, but we shall see on Friday. For the first time in a decade SteveR has not press-ganged me onto the Redemption table (yet...), but I expect I'll be either there or at the Waveney book stall at odd moments over the weekend.

My mobile phone number hasn't changed for at least three years, but email if you need to check you've got the right one (or haven't got it but have just realised that Eastercon is a much larger con than Redemption and relying on bumping into people isn't going to work:-).

In light of something that happened last time I went to Eastercon, I would note that I am a small press author at a publisher in a different genre, with a default assumption that nobody at an sf con other than my friends will recognise my name, and thus am likely to do an impression of a startled goldfish if someone *does* do the "OMG did you write XYZ" at me. It's not that I don't appreciate the egoboo, I just haven't had much practice at being on the receiving end of the OMG thing in meatspace.

[This is, of course, all assuming that none of my current medical problems suddenly turn nasty enough to prevent me from either attending in the first place or leaving my room once I'm there.]
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That's my Westercon done. Didn't go to any panels today other than the Broad Universe Rapidfire Reading -- we did get a room, and even an audience. I won the bidding on two pieces of art -- naturally the two most expensive ones I'd bid on, but they're gorgeous. [profile] chrisdolley made it to the end of the reading, so [personal profile] ritaxis and iIwere able to talk to him for a little while longer and say goodbye to him. It's nice to meet up with someone I know from online.

I'm awake but fairly tired, so it's going to take me a while to get through outstanding email and Stuff, including a critique I'm supposed to be doing for someone and some info about the erotic romance market for someone else. Sorry guys.

Got a load of notes from panels, so I'll see whether any of them make sense tomorrow...


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