Mar. 22nd, 2016 10:33 pm
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This year it's Mancunicon, so I have no travel plans more specific than "get on a tram every day". :-) I've booked Thursday and Tuesday off work, although I can't guarantee to get there on Thursday as I have Stuff happening on Thursday morning that may leave me feeling too wiped out to go in and volunteer to stuff member packets (ooh, err, missus). I might drop in on Wednesday evening on my way home from work if there's a likelihood of any friends being there, but can't guarantee it.

I'm not on any panels, but I will probably drop into Green Room to volunteer for a few hours, unless my pain level forbids. Failing that, I will go and camp in panels where friends are appearing.
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Enjoyed myself at Eastercon. Got to see various friends, was well enough to do a bit of volunteering (if only minding the table in the green room), went to some fun and useful panels. (Am still giggling madly at the look on the other panelists' faces when one minute in Charlie Stross launched into his description of a Real Life Vampire, the hippo arse leech.)

Returned home too tired and sore to report in before now, and am now developing suggestions of Con Crud. But it was well worth it. :-)


Apr. 2nd, 2015 07:04 pm
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Kalypso_V and I are travelling down together Friday morning, arriving early afternoon. We'll be leaving sometime on Monday afternoon.

I'm not on any panels. I may well be in the audience when other rascafarians are on panels, but am not guaranteeing it. :-) In fact, I really need to cross-check the programme first thing, to make sure I know where to track other people down.

Twitter handle is @bookfetishist and my mobile number has not changed - ping via gmail if you need a reminder.


Apr. 20th, 2014 09:00 pm
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At Eastercon, having a good time in spite of migraine and lack of migraine tablets (now rectified). Got to see a lot of friends, although haven't caught up with everyone. Been to several good panels, in some of which I was that annoying person typing away on the iPad (partly because of the migraine - typing notes was the only way I'd remember a word of it two hours later). There will be at least a partial con report at some point, because I wrote up much of Friday the same night.

I've been a lot more mobile than last year, when I skipped Eastercon altogether because I knew I would be too tired and sore to enjoy it. For the future - I have signed up for full membership of the now-seated 2015 bid, @Dysprosiumcon although not sure yet if I'll be able to make it. Jacey has convinced me to at least consider Milford when I finish the urban fantasy, as I'd like to workshop it through the sf side even if I submit it to a romance publisher. I've not signed up for Novacon, because I probably won't have the time/energy after Worldcon, but maybe this will be the year I finally go...

If you're here and still haven't seen me, come and say hello sometime. I'm here until tomorrow afternoon.
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Current plan is to arrive Friday lunchtime, leave late Monday afternoon.

I am not on any panels. I'm also unlikely to be doing much in the way of stewarding etc, because although I'm more mobile than I was at last year's cons, this isn't really saying a lot. I may actually get to more panels than I did at Redemption, though.

I have a shiny new smartphone, the better to have net access while away from home, but have not entirely mastered it yet, as Waveney and Watervole can attest after this morning's series of aborted phone calls. :-) It is also handbag-sized rather than pocket-sized. So I'm still carrying around the old mobile in my pocket, and am most reliably contactable on the old mobile number. Email if you're likely to need it.

Will be glad to meet up with people, but bear in mind that I am likely to tire easily and go to bed relatively early (although I said this 2 years ago and ended up talking to a group of rascafarians until Well Past My Bedtime one night...).
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Just bought my membership for Satellite 4, next year's Eastercon being held in Glasgow. This is not a guarantee that I'll be there, of course, but Kalypso_v and I are intending to travel up together for the weekend. For those intending to go who have not yet bought a membership, price goes up at the end of tomorrow.

Still need to make a final decision on the UK Meet, but that will have to wait until I've checked my diary for the many and varied medical appointments over the next few months.
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Back home late last night, somewhat later than intended owing to points failure south of Stoke. Excellent time, caught up with many of my friends, con report may or may not follow.
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Have caught up with several more friends,have not yet fallen asleep during a panel but fully expect to if I don't get a decent night's sleep tonight. Net Access not only intermittent but on dodgy keyboardwith flaky spacebar. Having a wonderfultime, details if I can remember them when i get back toa computer ican sensibly use.
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Kalypso_v and I arrived at lunchtime, and have managed to catch up with at least some people at least briefly. I also have a location text from CharlieA, which owing to noisy environment I failed to notice until it was outdated...

Currently have no net access other than hotel internet lounge, as the laptop was more weight than I wanted to risk trying to carry if not necessary, and I don't have a smartphone.

Just got a location text from lexin, so going in search... :-)
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Yes, I'm going. Travelling with kalypso-v, arriving late lunchtime Friday morning if all goes well, and leaving mid-afternoon Monday.

I'm not on any panels (before anyone asks, because I didn't volunteer for any).

As noted in a comment to my previous post, normally I would say that I could probably be found hiding^W helping in the Green Room some of the time, but if I can't be relied on to hold onto a mug of tea, I certainly can't be relied on to do a bar run, so I'm not sure what or even if I'm doing by way of stewarding. Ops runner has been suggested as something I might be able to do even in my enfeebled state, but we shall see on Friday. For the first time in a decade SteveR has not press-ganged me onto the Redemption table (yet...), but I expect I'll be either there or at the Waveney book stall at odd moments over the weekend.

My mobile phone number hasn't changed for at least three years, but email if you need to check you've got the right one (or haven't got it but have just realised that Eastercon is a much larger con than Redemption and relying on bumping into people isn't going to work:-).

In light of something that happened last time I went to Eastercon, I would note that I am a small press author at a publisher in a different genre, with a default assumption that nobody at an sf con other than my friends will recognise my name, and thus am likely to do an impression of a startled goldfish if someone *does* do the "OMG did you write XYZ" at me. It's not that I don't appreciate the egoboo, I just haven't had much practice at being on the receiving end of the OMG thing in meatspace.

[This is, of course, all assuming that none of my current medical problems suddenly turn nasty enough to prevent me from either attending in the first place or leaving my room once I'm there.]
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When we looked at what was practical to fit in around possible other commitments, and what the train fares were on Thursday evening compared with Friday morning, the choice became obvious.... So we're getting there early on Friday, and leaving late on Monday. Looking forward to seeing people. :-)
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[livejournal.com profile] kalypso_v and I failed to co-ordinate our hotel booking when buying our Eastercon memberships, which means we now have to decide whether to retain the Thursday night booking or not. One of the main reasons for my putting down Thursday was the habit so many Redemptioners have gotten into of arriving on Thursday evening for a con. So it would be useful to know which day folk intend to arrive this year. :-)

Rather than simply ask that question, I shall play with the poll creator on DW and LJ, and get some use out of my paid account features....

Ah. It appears that the standard cross-poster gives me a linkie on the LJ mirror back to the poll on DW, which I don't think is what happened when I tried it back in beta mode. It's set so that anyone can answer, but only my DW access list can see the results.

Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: Access List, participants: 7

What days are you planning to be at Eastercon 2012?

3 (42.9%)

4 (57.1%)

3 (42.9%)

3 (42.9%)

3 (42.9%)

some other option
2 (28.6%)

what's Eastercon?
1 (14.3%)

2 (28.6%)

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Family commitments mean that I will almost certainly not be able to make it to Eastercon 2010. This sucks, because a lot of my friends will be there, and because the Radisson is one of the few con hotels I have been to which gives me the feeling that I might actually get a reasonable night's sleep every night. I shall think about an appropriate regional/specialist con to go to instead, but I think that it will again have to be a matter of not making firm plans until very near the actual date. Which in turn means that one of the restrictions will be that I can either be sure of getting a room even if I leave it to the last minute, or can cancel the hotel reservation up until the last minute.

(I'm not releasing my Odyssey room booking and membership just yet -- the former because I need to be sure that my potential sharers have other arrangements, and the latter because even a supporting membership would now cost near what I originally paid for the full membership.)
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Eastercon's only a week away now, eek! I'll be at Orbital from late Friday afternoon to some time on Monday. I'm down for two items, one panel, one workshop, both on Sunday evening:

17:00 Commonwealth room -- Why is Blake’s 7 Still Popular?
(at which I will doubtless deeply embarrass myself by fangirling Tanith Lee, who is one of the other panellists)

19:00 Royal:Elizabeth room -- Writing Romance for the Small Press Workshop

If anyone's going to be at the workshop and would like me to talk about something in particular, now would be a good time to ask, as I need to start preparing materials.

I've volunteered to do some Green Room duty, so my stewarding is likely to involve me being out of public sight some of the time. Bear this in mind if you're trying to find me.


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