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I ended up with a new and exciting medical excuse for staying away from the computer and thus not posting anything online during NaNoWriMo. However, I have several fountain pens, a stack of paper, and an edition of Dragon Naturally Speaking that will do transcription from a digital recording. Last time I dumped a batch of text into the computer it was up to 20 kwords, and I've probably added another couple of thousand since then. I have also experimented with Scrivener, which was one of my goals, and decided that it is not the gift from the gods many of my peers believe it to be, but it does do most of the things I found I missed on moving from Lotus Word Pro to Microsoft Word. I have *also* done something else on my to-do list, which is to track down a free speech recording utility for Windows 10 (it's part of Windows and is called Sound Recorder for those who may want to know this) and try it with Dragon's transcription module, as it would be useful the next time I mangled my wrist tendons. I hadn't really anticipated finding myself *needing* to use it for PicoWriMo, but at least I now know this system works.
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So, my July PicoWrimo resulted in a 6200 word story written and submitted, a 6800 word story written, another short story submitted, 500 words of series outline, some 3900 words added to the novel WIP, a couple of book reviews, and writing happening every day. Yes, even on the days with migraine, although one of those days was a book review rather than fiction. About 18,000 words total. Also, I managed to write, or at least draft, some of that with Dragon. I think I can safely say I had a successful PicoWrimo month.

Tomorrow's tasks: chase status of submissions from earlier in the year, send new batch of subs out.

Daily word count this week:
27 - 253
28 - about 250 of book review
29 - 393
30 - 267
31 - 241

And to get August off to a good start, today I've done 1377 on the novel. And stopped, because that really is my hard limit if I want working hands in the next couple of weeks.
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Yes! I have finished a first draft! This is a porn short idea that's been rattling around in my head for at least a couple of years, and seemed like a good thing for doing my 200 words a day for PicoWrimo when my hands were so knackered I had to use Dragon to write more than a sentence. I can't write novel-length with Dragon, but I can scribble notes for a Plot What Plot short. So a chunk of dialogue and some outline went down, and I've been writing bits of it as and when for the last couple of weeks. It also turns out to be useful for when I've stalled on the novel and need to let the confabulator grind away in the background for a bit. So I've now got 6800 words of smut, and some concepts for another couple of stories about these characters (my original idea was to try writing one of those short story series that then get bundled as an omnibus on Smashwords and Kindle self-pub).

As previously noted, damn thing's also sprouted a plot for the series arc while I wasn't looking. I did *not* need another novel WIP.

Daily count report:
20 - 241 WIP
21 – 308 smut
22 – 435 smut
23 – 131 WIP (plus a book review, not yet posted)
24 – 351 smut
25 – 836 smut
26 – 790 smut
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Still writing every day, although not always on the same project, which makes it hard to keep track. I'm plugging away at the erotic romance WIP (the baronetcy one), but as light relief I thought I'd pick up an idea I had a while back for a porn short story series.

The idea here was to have a second pseudonym to experiment with self-published strokefic shorts, of the sort that get sold on Smashwords and Amazon as short series with another story released every so often and then bundled together in a bargain bundle. Reasons for doing this include seeing how it works, it's fun, to prove to my editor at Loose Id that I can so write a short story and *keep* it short, needing a break from the WIP, and sometimes because Weird Shit turns up in my head and the only way to make it go away is put it in someone else's head. The reason for doing it last week is that my hands were sore from too much typing, and while I can't use Dragon for writing a novel, I can manage to dictate at least rough notes for Plot What Plot short stories, and often chunks of rough draft. Smashwords is running a promo at the moment which would make it useful to throw together a couple of short strokefics and get them up there before the end of July, which makes a handy target for Pico. I wouldn't need the second one to be complete, just enough of a draft to be confident about making it available for pre-order.

Of course, last night some plot sneaked in while I wasn't looking, and this morning I had an idea which made this planned four-pack of shorts a 13 part series, with a Plot. Not much of a plot, I grant you, but definite Plot. Or at least Story Arc. So this morning's word count quota turned out to be 500 words of outline written over breakfast.


Why does my muse do this to me?

Anyway, the detailed word count since I sent the Nice Tie sequel to my editor:

9- 231 smut, 10- 180 smut, 11- 782 smut, 12- not recorded, 13- 436 WIP, 14- 960 smut (including approx 200 from 12th) , 15- 240 smut, 16-398 WIP , 17- 474 WIP & 195 smut, 18- 162 WIP & 1739 smut, 19- 502 smut outline.

After yesterday's binge, it may be back to Dragon for a few days...
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I have, as usual, been taking part in PicoWrimo, for values of "taking part in" that include being too busy getting in my 200 words a day to participate in the comm itself most days. I've been even worse than usual this time round because the day job is well and truly eating my brain, to the point where I dropped my "hope to reach" target to 200 words a day because I knew 300 wasn't realistic.

It has, however, been successful as usual in getting me to get actual words down on page. For June Pico I wrote at least 200 words a day every single day on the current novel length work-in-progress. I was all set to continue with this in July, but on the 2nd of July Loose Id posted an internal call for submissions asking for wedding sequels to gay romance novels in the catalogue which didn't already have a wedding. As occasionally happens, the first line appeared in my brain while I was on my way to work that morning and insisted that I write the rest of the story. On 8 July a 6200 word wedding story for Nice Tie went off to the beta readers, and on 9 July it went off to my editor (who is still thinking about it).

Strangely enough, my hands hurt after that. I've still managed to write something every day, but it's been using Dragon to dictate a rough outline for a short and notes for some story ideas. Dragon is extremely useful, but it's hard work for fiction, and really does change my voice, so in general I don't find it worthwhile to try to write manuscript with it if there are notes I could be writing.


Nov. 1st, 2014 06:14 pm
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As noted in previous years, I do PicoWrimo instead - com is here: http://picowrimo.livejournal.com

I'm going to be restricted in what I can do, because I've just had a bad flareup of the RSI and am completely dependent on Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Fortunately, I'd bought a brand-new laptop in July just as the latest edition of Dragon was released. I haven't had much chance to use it since then, so PicoWriMo is an excellent opportunity to get to grips with the new kit. The downside of this is that Dragon takes a lot of concentration to use, and I'm a bit fuzzy with pain and/or medication, so I may have trouble writing on some projects. I'm just going to target 150 words a day on *something*, and hope I have something usable at the end.

Today's update: Somewhere between 500 and 1000 words on assorted bits for a private commission -- which means no snippets. Mix of keyboard and Dragon, but definitely time to stop for the day.
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So, the running total word count for each day through November on the WIP I started for PicoWrimo (I'm going to do it Monday to Sunday, rather than week 1, because that's how I usually do my weekly summaries):

1-316, 2-1040, 3-2628, 4-5068
5-5676, 6-6382, 7-6739, 8-7006, 9-7321, 10-8052, 11-8571
12-9133, 13-9746, 14-10,051, 15-10,402, 16-11,000 17-11,361 18-12,198
19-12,555 20-13,089, 21-13,445 22-14,138 23-14,554 24-15,253 25-16,673
26-17,395 27-18,575 28-19,007, 29-19,509 30-20,119

And having built up a full head of steam, I then did 3,598 new words yesterday, taking it to 23,717 total. This isn't as good as it sounds -- in spite of pacing myself by doing it in short stints, and *stopping* instead of going on to 4k as I could have done, I hurt today. I hurt even more than I did before adding another 509 words this morning, so *enough*, even if my muse is dancing up and down screaming at me. Time to switch to something I can do with Dragon.

Also -- I took Taxman to 39,736 words before setting it aside for Nice Tie. I think I can conclude that Taxman isn't going to be done for a while yet, because there's probably at least another 40k to go on that one.
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Well, it's the last night of picowrimo, and having just checked and found that my total word count so far on the WIP is 20,119 words, I am calling it a night. I wrote at least 250 words every day, and I hit 20 kwords for the month. I'm well pleased with that. :-)

It's another novelette that grew -- I originally thought it was about 10-15k of story that might be bulked out to 20k by doing more description than I am wont to do, but then it acquired some more plot and I think it'll need at least that much more on top of the 20K I've already got. This means that it is *not* getting finished before I take a longish break over Christmas, but assuming no problems I can see myself having a finished first draft by the end of the first quarter next year.
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Yes, the last time I posted was last week's picowrimo report. I'm sure I had something vaguely interesting to post last week, but I didn't post it and now I've forgotten what it was. Also, I woke up early yesterday with a bad headache, and while I do not feel wretched right now thanks to the miracle of codeine, you can tell I have migraine by the typos I will edit out of this before posting. Thank god for spoolchuckers.

Anyway... Progress of the total word count is as follows:

Monday, 9133, Tue 9746, Wed 10051, Thur 10402, Fri 11,000 *exactly*, Sat 11361, Sun 12198. I've added another couple of hundred so far this evening, and hope to achieve a few more before my typing ability shuts down completely for the night. I have also spent a lot of time over the last few days reading articles on how to shave *properly*, on account of the other protagonist likes watching his guy shave. Yes, they have his-n-his "getting properly ready to face the day" voyeurism kinks. :-> I'm sure my Google history for the last week must make *fascinating* reading.
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So I've been doing Picowrimo this year, as I can't physically manage Nanowrimo. My goal was at least 150 words and ideally 300 words every day -- the point was to write *something* each day for an entire month, after a very long spell of medical problems which made a daily writing target impossible. And I'd just had a fresh plot bunny from an old post by [livejournal.com profile] agentxpndble, who will probably need to take a cold shower after reading the following excerpt from Nice Tie, the Picowrimo WIP:

Eye Candy flipped his collar up and settled the tie back into place, and then proceeded to re-tie it neatly. Two-handed, keeping it under perfect control. Fingers dancing smoothly through the motions needed for a neat half-Windsor knot, in and out and around.

And Alex had a perfect view of it. So damn perfect that he regretted not having picked up a Metro this morning, because a newspaper in his lap right now would cover a multitude of sins. There was something very, very hot about watching an attractive man put together an attractive tie. Stripping a tie off a man was pretty damned nice, but watching him put it on...

The show was finished. Almost. Eye Candy leaned his head back against the window of the bus, stretching his neck out. The sort of posture a man might use when inviting someone to kiss his way down that elegant line of neck.

Progress of the total word count: 1-318, 2-1040, 3-2628, 4-5068, 5-5676, 6-6382, 7-6739, 8-7006, 9-7321, 10-8052, 11-8571


Nov. 4th, 2012 10:21 pm
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Another 2440 words today, taking the total word count on Nice Tie to 5068. My hands hurt...

They're still not shagging yet, but a proposition has at last been made. If not unambiguously answered.
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Um. Not much wordage to report on Taxman, because...

Remember that many moons ago I wrote a Jack/Ianto tie porn story, and said that it wasn't the cheerful tie porn story I'd started off intending to write for [livejournal.com profile] agentxpndble?

Well, various things came together in the confabulator a few days ago. And on Wednesday morning I jotted down some 200 words of notes before they could escape. During Wednesday I thought it might be useful to spend a few days scribbling some text for it, while I let the next bit of Taxman ferment. On Wednesday evening [livejournal.com profile] altariel posted a link to the [livejournal.com profile] picowrimo community. I don't do NaNoWriMo because I'm not physically capable of writing 50 kwords in a month, but for the first time in several years I feel as if I could set a realistic target for daily word count and have some chance of keeping to it. So, 150 words a day, and if I could manage it 300 words a day, to get down a significant chunk of what felt like a novelette-length story. Length matters, because it's profic and needs to be long enough to be publishable.

Thursday - 316 words. Friday, 1040 total, 734 new. Today, 2611 total, 1561 new words of tie fetish story, and I'm only stopping because my arms *hurt*...


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