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Since it was three weeks since I'd last seen the inside of A&E and the "Oh **** I need to get off this med right now" side effect had tailed off a week after that, I decided at the weekend that it's safe to go to Eastercon. I've been on the current second med before in combination with the primary migraine med (although not at the current high dose of primary) so I know what it normally does by way of side-effects, and while they can be unpleasant after a while they have never made me feel like A&E would be A Really Good Idea. So I should be there after lunch tomorrow.
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The first quarter of 2019 has been "may you live in interesting times" for me. It's involved quite a lot of interesting side effects from trying to adjust my migraine medication. We are now convinced that they were merely side-effects, for values of "merely" including "at least we now know that I have not had a stroke or heart attack". We also know that I definitely have a brain, and that it is the right size and shape, because it has been scanned twice.

All of which is to say why there have been no public posts for a while. I've been *busy*.
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I haven't posted since mid-May. Apparently I haven't read Dreamwidth since shortly after that, since I missed the news about a friend's new job. (Congratulations to that friend. :-)

There are a number of factors in this, not least the ongoing migraine issues which chew up quite a lot of bandwidth and don't leave much for things other than day job. Also, at one point one of the side-effects of the meds and/or migraine was a bout of something close to hypergraphia, which is how I come to have a completed short story, a large chunk of a different short story draft, a bunch of random jottings on story ideas, and an outline and substantial chunk of something that is probably going to be at least novella length, all as a result of the #cockygate nonsense. This lot was mostly written by hand, with fountain pen and ink, and needed/will need to be transcribed onto electrons.

And that was before my Firefox install fell over multiple times, on one occasion taking Edge with it. Those things that require the big screen on the laptop plus a proper keyboard were not happening, and that includes Dreamwidth, both reading and writing. Actually fixing [expletive deleted] Firefox seems to involve removing every trace of it and then doing a fresh install, then waiting for the next time it falls over, so the only two reasons I use it at this point are Containers and NoScript. It makes Edge look stable by comparison.

And at some point I have to face the task of updating my website, so that will consume such spare clock cycles as I have. I shall endeavour to post slightly more frequently than I have of late, but am not making any promises.


Nov. 11th, 2015 10:09 pm
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Book release day, the perfect day to get a migraine...

Started yesterday, so will probably go on until tomorrow night. Not actually feeling too bad, but can't update website without a working brain. :-/ Or indeed ability to look at screen for more than a minute or two without feeling dizzy.
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Yes, that means I have a migraine aura and have taken some codeine. Aren't you lucky I'm still sufficiently in contact with reality to be able to make some effort at proof-reading this post? Anyway, this means tonight's word count will be whatever I can write in my little dead tree notebook before I fall over. That may or may not include a review of Writing Faster FTW by LA Witt of the many pseuds. It is good advice, and it is written entertainingly, and even though I already know all the advice in it, I read it all the way through today and found it well worth the £1.26 I paid for it last night.
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Started putting together a market list. Got some very useful preliminary notes back from beta-reader. Still haven't done anything with them yet because I've had a migraine aura on and off all week. Long hours at the day job are not helping.

Not a *bad* migraine. Just right at the level where it's obvious why I will continue to carry around an e-ink Kobo device to read on the bus even though I have both Kobo and Kindle apps on the TFT smartphone. Off to read a book in non-backlit format...
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Yes, the last time I posted was last week's picowrimo report. I'm sure I had something vaguely interesting to post last week, but I didn't post it and now I've forgotten what it was. Also, I woke up early yesterday with a bad headache, and while I do not feel wretched right now thanks to the miracle of codeine, you can tell I have migraine by the typos I will edit out of this before posting. Thank god for spoolchuckers.

Anyway... Progress of the total word count is as follows:

Monday, 9133, Tue 9746, Wed 10051, Thur 10402, Fri 11,000 *exactly*, Sat 11361, Sun 12198. I've added another couple of hundred so far this evening, and hope to achieve a few more before my typing ability shuts down completely for the night. I have also spent a lot of time over the last few days reading articles on how to shave *properly*, on account of the other protagonist likes watching his guy shave. Yes, they have his-n-his "getting properly ready to face the day" voyeurism kinks. :-> I'm sure my Google history for the last week must make *fascinating* reading.


Oct. 10th, 2012 09:56 pm
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Well, that's the word count shot for the next few days. This morning's wooziness turned out to be migraine and not lack of sleep. I don't feel that bad as long as I don't have to deal with loud noise, but my typing has gone to pot and holding a train of thought long enough to write the next scene is beyond me at the moment.

And apparently I can't control the mouse. Good thing Dreamwidth has a restore from draft, because I somehow managed to close the DW tab on my browser...
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I wasn't sure yesterday whether I was just knackered because I'd had a very disturbed night's sleep, or whether I had the start of migraine aura. This morning there was no doubt. I actually feel fairly okay, apart from the bit with having the attention span of a drunken goldfish, but I'm also very tired and it would probably be a good idea to go to bed early. I did get a hundred words or so done on Taxman on Sunday night, but nothing last night because I was too tired tonight, and I think I shall skip tonight because I can already see characteristic migraine typos in this post, and it will be a waste of time trying to compose fiction or even book log. Is irritating, because I have stuff I want to get down on electrons...
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Been essentially offline for the last week, because I had another week-long migraine, the second in less than a month. Started on Monday evening, by the time I got home from the day job on Tuesday the last thing I wanted to do was look at a monitor. Am not amused, and this will be flagged up at next GP visit as "okay, that wasn't a one-off, do we wait for the third or do something about it now?"

Much better today, but I'm still not fit to spend much time in front of the computer, so I am officially abandoning any notion of the book log for Oct and Nov being more than a list of the books read (with the exception of the LTER book which I owe a review for). Thought about trying to upload a bit more fanfic, but dealing with the email backlog used up my thinking power. Too fuzzy to bother trying to write some WIP longhand, particularly as even yesterday I felt sick simply writing Christmas cards. So spent a lot of the day listening to audiobooks and doing some cross-stitch -- and not any of the more complex ones, either. Backstitch outline on a nearly completed coaster was about my limit.

Really looking forward to having a week off over Christmas/New Year.
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The downside of changing the meds for an entirely different medical issue is that the migraine is back, after a year without it. Started Tuesday, wasn't too bad until this afternoon, but I left work early (thank you, flexitime) and think that I should just step away from the backlit screen for the rest of the evening. Fortunately I have lots of audiobooks in the backlog.
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I decided to be boring and give up unnecessary snack foods for Lent, as much for the benefit of my waistline as my soul. The "unnecessary" is there because I actually do have the occasional medicinal use for biscuits, crisps and ginger beer, i.e. treating migraine nausea.

It's only Ash Wednesday and I have already had to invoke the medical exemption, courtesy of some eye tests this afternoon. I think I shall go and find something not back-lit to look at for the rest of the evening.
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The aphasia at the weekend *was* migraine after all, as I discovered when I woke up yesterday morning. The wonder that is non-prescription codeine means that I woke up pain-free this morning, but I'm not wearing the new glasses for a few days as they will only aggravate the migraine, so further reports will be delayed.


Jan. 25th, 2009 11:22 pm
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Meh. Migraine the last few days. Hit it with codeine at the first sign of trouble, so the only feeling unwell involved was feeling vaguely queasy at one point and thus consuming about half the ginger-related comestibles in the house without even meaning to. But it it still did strange things to my attention span and physical co-ordination (and one of the souvenirs of this is a "paper" cut from a heavy card file...).

I got my brain back today, so I've been wrestling with my UK tax return. What I hadn't realised what that the registration process involves waiting a week or so for a security code to arrive by snail mail (for security reasons), and I only got that on Friday. So I've a week left to feed my tax return into the database, or face a fine. I'm not usually this much of a procrastinator on tax returns, but I've also never had to do a tax return while actually in possession of a full time job before, and as previously noted, said job turns my brain to Swiss cheese by the end of the day.

And after I've done that, it'll be time to do the US tax return. *that's* going to be fun this year, because I'll have to work out how to declare my UK job's income and PAYE tax.
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Just arrived Chez [livejournal.com profile] predatrix, where I have broadband access. Still slightly restricted access, as I'm camping on Mr Predatrix's computer desk and he will want it back when he comes home from work, but at least I can log on without having to take a twenty minute walk first. *And* I have a date for the landline and broadband to be installed at home. My world would be complete had I not started a migraine on the train, and thus been unable to spend a couple of hours of quality time with my laptop in spite of being at a table seat with a power point. At least I noticed what was happening in time to take the codeine.

Time for caffeine now...
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Friday morning I had something that might have been the very early stages of a developing migraine, it was the right time of the month for it, so I took some Codis. Felt fine for the rest of the day, but took another couple of doses during the day just to be on the safe side. Yesterday morning we went out shopping, and the first place we went to had a dud fluorescent tube over the till that was flickering badly. Instant nausea. Took more Codis when I got home, felt fine. Kept taking Codis. I'm feeling mildly photophobic in very bright sunlight this morning, and I can feel some vascular pressure on one side (not helped by having clogged sinuses for unrelated reasons), but otherwise I feel fine. Looks like a frequent low dose of aspirin and codeine plus keeping hydrated and caffeinated really is all I normally need to keep it under control, as long as I take it before the bad symptoms start.


Jul. 26th, 2007 12:14 pm
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I was actually managing to do something constructive with my morning for once, when I was assaulted about twenty minutes ago by something combining some of the more annoying features of both icepick and cluster headaches. Rapid stabbing pain, heavy congestion and tearing up in that eye. It is not actually all that painful, as such things go, but it is incredibly distracting. It's lunchtime anyway, so I've just dumped some pasta into the microwave to cook (when I'm in this state I don't trust myself with anything that doesn't turn itself off automatically), and chopped some tomatoes. And when I've had that to line my stomach with, I'm going to swig a couple of Codis. You may insert here the standard rant about the American attitude to mild opiate painkillers. Fortunately I can bring personal use quantities back with me when I've been visiting family in more enlightened countries.
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Saw the first episode of Life On Mars, and enjoyed it greatly in spite of the way that a) the bouncy camera work in one scene, b) the interference patterns on [livejournal.com profile] watervole's tv were confirming that those *were* incipient migraine symptoms and I was quite right to take the codeine this afternoon.

Think I'll go and take some more now. And make a note to buy a pack of Syndol to take back to the US with me, because it's clear that I can now add migraine to the list of chronic reasons to be unenamoured of US policy on opiates. I wanna move back to a civilised country...


May. 26th, 2006 08:12 pm
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Back from Baycon, and not certain if I'll be fit to go tomorrow - I couldn't have driven home tonight. Sinus infection, with sinus headache and watering eye on that side, and nausea by the time I left. The latter could be migraine triggered by the sinus infection, or food poisoning. Or maybe both. Id di feel about better after eating some dried crackers, but I still need to get enough food down me that I can take some aspirin/codeine. If I don't show tomorrow this is why. (And why I was feeling so odd when I dragged Terry off for some snack food this afternoon. Should have realised I was getting the early migraine aura.)

ETA: feeling much better after some pasta, codeine and a couple of hours of sleep... I may have become allergic to the hotel, because the sinus congestion has gone down dramatically without pharmaceutical assistance. Must remember to take some sudafed with me tomorrow.
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Did you know that you can get a migraine without the headache? It's much, much less nasty without the headache, but the nausea, photophobia etc is still not a lot of fun. So if any of my emails in the last 24 hours have seemed mildly incoherent, now you know why...


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