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I've sold an erotica short to NineStar Press, now through editing and expected release date early January. More details later, but just thought I'd get that out there. :-)
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Knotting the Tie is out today. And... it's currently free. It will probably remain free indefinitely at Loose Id, although official list price is $1.25. You'll need to sign up for a Loose Id account to download it, but they don't spam. You can read an excerpt at the book catalogue page before you sign up. (And thanks to Predatrix and Neyronrose for beta-reading this at very short notice. :-)

Knotting the Tie

KNotting the Tie cover art -- gay romance novel

After a year together, Alex knows what he has with Robin is for life, and he wants to stand up and say so in public. It’s time to propose, and he’s doing it the old fashioned way – roses, champagne and going down on one knee. But it may take more than that to persuade Robin it’s safe to put the past behind him. Maybe even more than the persuasive powers of a glass of champagne and going down on both knees…

This is a standalone sequel short story to Nice Tie - it's the story of Alex proposing to Robin, but you can read it without knowing anything about the novel.

Available now at the Loose Id website: http://www.loose-id.com/knotting-the-tie.html
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"Please submit again" rejection from Dreamspinner a couple of days ago for the novelette I'd submitted to their Random Acts of Kindness anthology. I'm a little disappointed, because I'd written the story specifically for the submission call, but not surprised given how long it turned out to be. And that was after I'd trimmed it down to meet the length guidelines...

I'd already had thoughts on revising it to novella length, but hadn't done anything about it while I was waiting for a yes/no. I may make that my next writing job once I'm out from under a sore throat and Interesting Times At The Day Job. I have also had an idea for another novelette about an off-stage character from this one. That will take care of my PicoWrimo project this year. :-)
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Just had an email to say my short story "Bread and Butter Pudding" has been accepted for Dreamspinner's anthology "Not Quite Shakespeare", due out in June. Paperwork still to be done, but pleased with this. :-)
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Just sent off a short story submission to an erotic romance anthology. This is one I've had for a while but never found a home for -- too short to publish as a standalone ebook, not really enough sex for erotica markets, and never hit the theme of erotic romance anthologies I'd seen. But there are a couple of calls open now or coming up that it might suit, so trying my luck with the first one...
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I've been experimenting with self-publishing some of my old short stories that have gone out of print. After much angst, I've managed to upload "One Size Fits All" to Smashwords, and am awaiting the results from feeding it into the maw of Amazon.

This one's priced at 99c, but I have also been playing with the coupon code generator on Smashwords. Plug the code RE95K into the appropriate place (ooh er, missus) before Monday, and get 100% off. And all I ask in return is for some feedback on whether the file actually works in your viewing device of choice...

You can find the book at https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/376309

Blurb: Hugh's everything that Gavin could ask for in a lover. Everything, apart from his taste in underwear. Nothing wrong with the underwear, you understand, but that's the problem. It's boring. So Gavin decides to have a rummage through Hugh's underwear, just in case there's anything more interesting tucked away. And what he finds is so interesting that he tries it out for size...

m/m erotic romance, very mild kink, 3000 words.
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Today's cat vacuuming has been learning how to use SmashWords by uploading my shaving erotica short story "Naked", which you can now find in a variety of ebook file formats at:


It's been on my website as a basic html page for a long time, so many of you will have already seen it, but I'd appreciate any comments about whether the shiny new file formats actually work. Also, it now has cover art. :-)

When Bill found a porn mag at the back of his boyfriend's cupboard, it wasn't just any porn mag. Bill hadn't known until then that Kevin was into shaving -- or that it might turn him on too. Now he's finding out what it means to be... completely naked.
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Right, chaps and chapesses, the new story is out on Friday next week, which means it's time for the traditional competition to entice you to read the blurb. If you'd like the chance to win a copy, go over to the book's page on Musa's website at http://musapublishing.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=9&products_id=373 and email me with one of the alternative names for the sidhe you'll find there. Competition closes at midnight UK time next Wednesday evening, and I'll draw a name at random. My email address is jules.jones@gmail.com
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Excellent. :-) The page for my short story And if I offered thee a bargain" has gone live on the Musa Publishing website. Not sure when it went live, as I've been too busy with edits to keep poking the site. At the moment it's pre-orders only -- it's on sale from 7 September. I presume pre-ordering does actually work, because I can see on the internal royalties database that someone has done so.

I suppose this means I need to think of a competition to promote it. :^) Also, I need to dig out the colour printer and run off some bookmarks. Good thing it's a bank holiday weekend.
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And just as I finished dictating the previous post, I received an e-mail from Penumbra, rejecting Ghost Train 73 days after submission. However, it had made it past the initial cut, and it's a "please submit to us again" rejection. So while I would've liked to have found a home for this story, I'm not too dejected.
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Received an email this morning to say that my short story submission to Penumbra had been passed on for the next round for consideration, and that it would be a while before I heard anything further. (They do multiple passes on submissions as they start to firm up the story line-up for the issue.) So at least it was considered a good enough match for what they want to be retained for further consideration. :-)
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Just back from the post office, and posting my submission to Maxim Jakubowski's Mammoth Book of Erotic Quickies in the hope that it will get there before the closing date on Sunday. As you can imagine, self-editing even something as short as 7 pages/1500 words has been a somewhat slow process given the current state of my typing.

Not as slow as actually getting around to the editing, though. My crit group went over A Sparrow Flies Through 5 years ago, but for various reasons I wasn't able to do anything with their suggestions before whatever market I was interested in at the time closed. So I left it, and then stopped regularly checking the short story markets, and didn't see anything suitable for something this length and genre until my last Irregular Contemplation Of The Trunk a month back.

Thank you to my critters - it may have taken 5 years for your suggestions to come to fruition, but they were extremely useful in polishing the story this month.
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Book 12)

This was the out-of-copyright short story, downloaded from Feedbooks, rather than the fix-up novel with the same title. It's set in the Lensman universe (although it's not part of the main sequence of stories), and has the classic pulp feel to it. If you don't like that style, you'll hate the story, but if you do, it's a fun short read.

LibraryThing entry
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I'm catching up on a bit of reading, including reading some of the other entries at Loose Id's Katrina fundraiser. So it's review time. :-)

Ally Blue's "Nicky" is a haunting and bittersweet love story about a love that has lasted in spite of the lovers having chosen different paths in life. It's beautifully constructed, with gorgeous use of language to create mood. This one's hot, but it's hot because it engages the emotions as well as the gonads. Excellent short story, and well worth a read as a story even if your tastes in erotica don't run to m/m.

You'll find the story at http://www.livejournal.com/community/li_katrina_aid/4530.html
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Loose Id have accepted my short story Promises to Keep, to be published as a Fling. The aim is to have it in the Halloween releases, although as always this is subject to change. M/M erotic romance, 5000 words. Some vampires prefer older men...


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