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A quick note to say that Loose Id have temporarily dropped the prices on many "first of series" books, including mine. This is currently guaranteed to apply only to books purchased directly through Loose Id, although they were working on getting the reductions onto the big third party sites like Amazon. You can also get two of my short stories for free from the Loose Id site. My catalogue page is here: http://www.loose-id.com/authors/erotic-romance-authors-g-k.html?cat=76
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I've sold an erotica short to NineStar Press, now through editing and expected release date early January. More details later, but just thought I'd get that out there. :-)
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All Romance eBooks are having a 50% rebate day for Memorial Day. You have to pay full price, but you get the rebate back in the form of store credit to spend on your next purchase. Yes, that includes all of my titles available on the site. :-)
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BookBub alerted me to the fact that Courtney Milan has a 99c/99p deal on the first book in her Turner series, so I wandered over to Amazon to have a look, and found a number of other deals on her books. In particular, the Brothers Sinister series is in an enhanced box set for £6.50. This is the Victorian romance series I was raving about last year, because it features strong women characters, many of whom are scientists, without handwaving away the problems they would have faced. If you understand why I was Kermit-flailing when I read the dedication to Rosalind Franklin in one of the later books, you'll probably enjoy these. It's m/f, but there is an acknowledgement of m/m and f/f (and again, historically realistic about the need for secrecy, rather than pure fantasy), with one of the background romances for a secondary character in a later book being f/f. One of the side-story novellas is an interracial romance between an Irishman and a Black British woman. And alphole heroes are Not Welcome.

Book 1 in the Brothers Sinister series is currently free (it's isn't always, but Milan does regular introductory deals for her series).

Books 1 and 3 in the Turner series are currently 95p at Amazon UK, and the box set is around £4.70. Given how much I enjoyed the Brothers Sinister, I'm just going to go for the boxed set rather than trying the starter first.

Amazon UK:
The Brothers Sinister: The Complete Boxed Set
The Duchess War (The Brothers Sinister Book 1)
Unveiled (A Turner Series Book 1)
The Turner Series (An Enhanced Box Set)
author page

Author page at Amazon US:
Courtney Milan at Amazon US

Amazon Australia (hi, SallyMN :-)

Author page at Kobo:
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Stuff from the Amazon UK Christmas saleof potential interest. I'm just picking out ones I think likely to be of interest to several of you - there are far more than this. Check the price at the site before purchasing. A lot of the titles are also on sale at Kobo, for those of you who prefer open file formats.

As previously noted:
99p Alan Garner - The Weirdstone of Brisingamen


£1.49 Hercule Poirot's Christmas (Poirot) (Hercule Poirot Series Book 20)

£1.69 The Big Book of Christmas Mysteries: The Most Complete Collection of Yuletide Whodunits Ever Assembled
(Note: this initially looked to me suspiciously like one of those anthologies assembled by collecting a lot of material which fell out of copyright in the US during the period when copyright had to be actively renewed, but it's a UK edition and a lot of the material is later than the "use it or lose it" period or pre-Mouse, so there's a mix of material.)

99p Tad Willams - The Dirty Streets of Heaven: Bobby Dollar 1
(The next 2 books are also 99p each at Amazon and Kobo.)

£1.69 Kim Newman - Anno Dracula

£2.29 Tom's Midnight Garden

£1.99 Pippi Longstocking
£2.29 Do You Know Pippi Longstocking?

£1.49 First Term at Malory Towers (Malory Towers (Pamela Cox) Book 1)
Be warned that the few one star reviews are single stars because this is a "modernised" edition and not the original text.

99p Jen Frederick - Losing Control (Kerr Chronicles Book 1)
99p Jen Frederick - Taking Control (Kerr Chronicles Book 2)
Yes, *that* Jen Frederick, now known to be Jane Litte of Dear Author. I am... conflicted... about this one. I have no regrets about donating to her legal defence fund, and would do so again. But I think her actions relating to the dual identity amounted to catfishing, and were rank hypocrisy given how her DA persona would have treated any other author who did the same thing. Going to think a while longer about buying these.

ETA: katlinel notes in comments "many of Helen MacInnes' thrillers (WW2 and Cold War era) are available for 99p for Kindle at the moment." Bumping up to the post because it sounds like an author/series that if one of my friends likes it, several will.
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Just checked the Amazon monthly Kindle deals, and... Look what's on offer for 99p!

The Weirdstone of Brisingamen


(Now to go back and check the rest of the deals for items of potential interest to this parish.)

ETA: also 99p at Kobo: https://store.kobobooks.com/en-us/ebook/the-weirdstone-of-brisingamen
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My m/m contemporary romance Nice Tie is 50% off today with any purchase at All Romance eBooks. :-)  The deal is over, but once you've read it, you can head over to Loose Id and pick up the wedding short story Knotting the Tie as a freebie.

ARe featured bargain logo
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[livejournal.com profile] waveney has been poking around in the back end of the server for me, and I now have access to WordPress on my site. I've spent the last couple of days starting to build a new mobile-friendly website, and a good thing too, because this morning my publisher emailed me to say that tomorrow Nice Tie will be the Daily Deal at ARe, with 50% off. With any luck this will result in traffic, and I will even have a mobile-friendly top level page to point them at. Unfortunately it won't be the landing page *just* yet, as I'm still building the thing, so I've had to be content with putting a link front and centre on the old site.

Testing would be appreciated... Also, I'm doing an overhaul in general, so if there is anything you've had a burning desire to see on my site, let me know. If it's a sensible suggestion, I'll consider how to incorporate it. If it's not sensible, I'm sure it will amuse everyone else to read about your burning desire in the comments.
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All Loose Id titles, including mine are in a one day sale at All Romance eBooks - 25% off 12:01 AM US Central July 23rd - 11:59 PM US Central July 23rd.

Loose Id titles
my books
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I am a nitwit and forgot to mention that I've put "One Size Fits All" into the Smashwords promotional sale. When you get to the page, it's still listed as full price, but there's a 100% discount coupon code (SW100) you put in at checkout. Yes, this means you have to have a Smashwords account. No, they don't spam you, and you can read about a third of the story before you have to put it in your shopping trolley. There are lots of other books in the promotion, which runs until 31 July.

One Size Fits All

Hugh's everything that Gavin could ask for in a lover. Everything, apart from his taste in underwear. Nothing wrong with the underwear, you understand, but that's the problem. It's boring. So Gavin decides to have a rummage through Hugh's underwear, just in case there's anything more interesting tucked away. And what he finds is so interesting that he tries it out for size...
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All Romance eBooks have a one day sale today to celebrate the start of summer. 25% off a wide range of books, including Loose Id's catalogue, and specifically including my books (and a Dreamspinner anthology which includes one of my shorts).

If you are sitting in one of the gloomy patches of Britain looking at Midsummer's Eve grey skies, there is plenty of heat available to warm you up. :-) (Not just joking, either - our central heating came on this morning...)
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Having remembered to go and check, yes, the SF Gateway is also having a sale. Lots of classic sf in ebook form from those lovely people at Gollancz. More info at their blog:


Books. You know you want them.
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And just as I was thinking that I hadn't seen anything about Book View Cafe having a sale, guess what drops into my inbox.... 50% off a selection of books from Dec 26 through to Jan1. :-) Obviously I have some conflict of interest here, since several of my friends are members of the Book View Cafe, but I've been very impressed over the years with the Cafe's output. The discount is automatically applied at the checkout.


Stuff I've already read and enjoyed:

The Wisteria Tearoom romantic mysteries
plus the new one which I haven't read but has just gone in my shopping basket

Misc historical romance


Just go and buy this if you like urban fantasy, okay? Chaz Brenchley's Northern Lights duology is stunning.

Steampunk Jeeves and Wooster pastiche
And another "latest in a series I already read"

I know I've missed some while skimming.
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Why yes, I *am* going through my email backlog... Here is a message from our sponsors about a one day sale. It covers Loose Id's entire catalogue, and you may find a selection of my delightful romances at my Loose Id author page.

Are you exhausted from Christmas? Sick to death of carols? Wishing people had shopped off your wishlists instead of QVC and SkyMall?

Loose Id has exactly what you're looking for: a no-crowds, no-hassle, shop in your pajamas 25% off sale.

We know there are lots of choices for where to buy your e-books. Lots of them have great discounts. You can shop for all your favorite authors in one place. Even so, we think you'll want to shop Loose Id this Boxing Day, and here's why:
  • Customer service that's intimately familiar with the books you're purchasing.
  • Customer service that's intimately familiar with the devices you're reading on.
  • Customer service that's friendly and knowledgeable and able to provide recommendations.
  • 25% off every book, every purchase, including previously discounted titles.
  • A great customer rewards program: earn Idcents with each purchase, when you leave reviews, or share books using the 'share this' feature on the product pages, and use them to buy more great books. No separate sign-up required.
  • Our VIP Club: get 15% off every book you purchase from us in 2015, for $29.99, and if you become a member before January 1, get $10.00 worth of Idcents free!
  • Shopping Loose Id puts more money in authors' pockets, and less in Big Business's. That means they can afford to stay home and write more books!
Give yourself the gift of pleasure. Shop Loose Id's annual

What I Really Wanted for Christmas Sale

December 26, from midnight PST to midnight PST.

(At least) 25% off all currently available books. No coupons, no exceptions.

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Gacked from BookBub: Carolyn Jewel's historical m/f romance Scandal is free until Jan 1. I read this during my binge on Regency romance earlier this year, and enjoyed it -- it's not going to be to everyone's taste, but I think worth grabbing as a freebie to see if you like Jewel's writing style.

Amazon UK
Amazon US
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Another month, another batch of deep discount book offers from Amazon. Of particular interest (at least to me) is Alan Turing: Unlocking the Enigma (Kindle Single). This is short at 63 pages, but I'm about half way through it since buying it this morning, and enjoying it a great deal - definitely worth the current 99p offer price if, like me, you're interested in Turing's life and work.

Also of likely interest to some of you : Ben Goldacre's Bad Pharma: How Medicine is Broken, And How We Can Fix It is at £1.49 this month, and about to be on my phone.

I've heard good things about Lev Grossman's The Magicians: (Book 1), but at £1.99 for Book 1 of however many, it's slightly too expensive for my "but what if I run out of books on my phone!!!"[*] impulse buying. I shall think about it a while longer.

Ditto The Time Traveller's Almanac: The Ultimate Treasury of Time Travel Fiction - Brought to You from the Future from the VanderMeers, at £2.39.

[*] Last weekend I'd got to the bus station after work on Friday before realising that my smartphone was not in my handbag but still on my desk, and I Had Nothing To Read on the bus, having deliberately left the treeware and the Kobo at home that morning to cut down weight. Panic ensued... This was as nothing to the tantrum on the bus this morning on realising that the Turing bio I'd taken the time to order before rather than after work had not actually synched onto the phone before I left home. Fortunately I found some free bus wifi to hook onto.
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Remember that I mentioned I was reading a feminist historical romance series that a lot of you would enjoy? Well, I finished it earlier this week. And this is me, Kermit-flailing about The Brothers Sinister series by Courtney Milan. I did very nearly Kermit-flail IRL on the bus when I opened up one of the later books in the series to find it dedicated to, amongst others, Rosalind Franklin.

Even better, I went to Courtney Milan's website to pick up links for the books, and found a blogpost saying that the first full length novel in the series, The Duchess War, is free over the holiday season. (Except on Amazon at the moment, because Amazon will not let publishers set the price to free unless publishers remove the book from all other outlets.) Go and get it - there are links in that post to the various retailers where you can pick it up for free. There is a prequel novella, "The Governess Affair", which I read first, but I don't think you need to have read that for this one to make sense.

I will write reviews of the individual books, I promise, but for now I wanted to get the link to offer on The Duchess War out there.

ETA: And since I started writing the post, Amazon UK have price-matched, and it's free there as well: The Duchess War (The Brothers Sinister Book Book 1)
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The latest Amazon UK Kindle sale includes Elisabeth Sladen: The Autobiography for 99p. You don't need Kindle hardware to read this, just a device that will run the Kindle app.

The other Kindle item of potential interest to this parish is Alex Woolfson's gay sf romance comic "Artifice" which is currently on countdown deal at both Amazon US and Amazon UK. Deep discount, rising in price each day until it's back to normal price.

Lots of other stuff in the Kindle sale of potential interest to some of you, including large swathes of Neil Asher and Inspector Morse.
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Some books of interest to this parish in the Amazon UK autumn sale, including Peter Hamilton's Void trilogy for 99p-1.19 per volume. UK only, although there may be similar sales going on elsewhere.

The Dreaming Void: The Void trilogy: Book One (Void Trilogy 1)
The Temporal Void: The Void trilogy: Book Two (Void Trilogy 2)
The Evolutionary Void (The Void Trilogy)

(I like Hamilton, but I'm not in the mood for what one reviewer described as "blockbuster epics so huge that the hardcovers can be used as aids to hippopotamus euthanasia", so I'm dithering on this one even at that price.)

My Word is My Bond: The Autobiography - Roger Moore's autobiography. I bought this when The Works was remaindering the hardback, and found it an enjoyable tour through the film industry, if not quite as entertaining as his friend David Niven's memoirs. And if you're old enough to remember Niven's memoirs with fondness, there is a (rather sad) coda to Niven's story from Moore. At 99p I bagged it in order to clear space by Oxfamming the hardback.

A Blunt Instrument - Georgette Heyer
One of Heyer's police procedurals, and great fun. At £2.07 not as heavily discounted as the others.
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As pointed out by Charlie Stross, his UK publisher has reduced the ebook of his Hugo-nominated novel to £1.99 for this month. I wandered off to check Orbit's other two nominees in the Hugo novel category, and they too are reduced to £1.99. Or at least they are on Kobo and Amazon; Waterstones doesn't seem to have got the message yet. Note that these prices are available in the UK only.


Neptune's Brood
Ancillary Justice
Parasite (Parasitology)

Yes, I have bought all three. They are DRMed, but that is the price point at which I'm willing to treat a book as disposable. (As in, if I saw the print version in The Works I'd be willing to buy it with the intention of recycling to Oxfam after reading to make space.)


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