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My m/m contemporary romance Nice Tie is 50% off today with any purchase at All Romance eBooks. :-)  The deal is over, but once you've read it, you can head over to Loose Id and pick up the wedding short story Knotting the Tie as a freebie.

ARe featured bargain logo
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[livejournal.com profile] waveney has been poking around in the back end of the server for me, and I now have access to WordPress on my site. I've spent the last couple of days starting to build a new mobile-friendly website, and a good thing too, because this morning my publisher emailed me to say that tomorrow Nice Tie will be the Daily Deal at ARe, with 50% off. With any luck this will result in traffic, and I will even have a mobile-friendly top level page to point them at. Unfortunately it won't be the landing page *just* yet, as I'm still building the thing, so I've had to be content with putting a link front and centre on the old site.

Testing would be appreciated... Also, I'm doing an overhaul in general, so if there is anything you've had a burning desire to see on my site, let me know. If it's a sensible suggestion, I'll consider how to incorporate it. If it's not sensible, I'm sure it will amuse everyone else to read about your burning desire in the comments.
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Knotting the Tie is currently scheduled for release in next week's batch of new books from Loose Id. And... it's free during pre-order and immediately on release, although I don't know how long it will be before it reverts to list price. Herewith the blurb and buy link -- excerpt to follow as soon as the approved excerpt is available.

Knotting the Tie

KNotting the Tie cover art -- gay romance novel

After a year together, Alex knows what he has with Robin is for life, and he wants to stand up and say so in public. It’s time to propose, and he’s doing it the old fashioned way – roses, champagne and going down on one knee. But it may take more than that to persuade Robin it’s safe to put the past behind him. Maybe even more than the persuasive powers of a glass of champagne and going down on both knees…

This is a standalone sequel short story to Nice Tie - it's the story of Alex proposing to Robin, but you can read it without knowing anything about the novel.

Pre-order at the Loose Id website: http://www.loose-id.com/knotting-the-tie.html
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Loose Id have accepted my wedding short story Knotting the Tie for Alex and Robin from Nice Tie. :-) No release date yet, but it will be released as a free Fling. More details when I have them.
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I have, as usual, been taking part in PicoWrimo, for values of "taking part in" that include being too busy getting in my 200 words a day to participate in the comm itself most days. I've been even worse than usual this time round because the day job is well and truly eating my brain, to the point where I dropped my "hope to reach" target to 200 words a day because I knew 300 wasn't realistic.

It has, however, been successful as usual in getting me to get actual words down on page. For June Pico I wrote at least 200 words a day every single day on the current novel length work-in-progress. I was all set to continue with this in July, but on the 2nd of July Loose Id posted an internal call for submissions asking for wedding sequels to gay romance novels in the catalogue which didn't already have a wedding. As occasionally happens, the first line appeared in my brain while I was on my way to work that morning and insisted that I write the rest of the story. On 8 July a 6200 word wedding story for Nice Tie went off to the beta readers, and on 9 July it went off to my editor (who is still thinking about it).

Strangely enough, my hands hurt after that. I've still managed to write something every day, but it's been using Dragon to dictate a rough outline for a short and notes for some story ideas. Dragon is extremely useful, but it's hard work for fiction, and really does change my voice, so in general I don't find it worthwhile to try to write manuscript with it if there are notes I could be writing.
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The Romance Reviews is running a Summer Party all month with lots of giveaways each day, and an ongoing contest where you can rack up points each day for a bigger prize. I've got a copy of Nice Tie up for grabs in today's giveaway - scroll down to question 13. Yes, it's a multiple-choice question, but since the answer's in the blurb for the book, it's not exactly difficult. :-)
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My new release, Nice Tie, is 10% off at Loose Id through until Sunday: http://www.loose-id.com/nice-tie.html

And Mindscan has gone off special, but my silkie novel, Spindrift, is now on special for $3.59: http://www.loose-id.com/spindrift.html

My shadowy mistresses at Loose Id would like me to point out that a number of other books are on special, some up to 50% off. You can find the Daily Deals page here (and I must grab the one I had my eye on while it's still on special): http://www.loose-id.com/specials/daily-deals.html

If you're reading books on a Kindle or a Nook, you can still buy your books direct from Loose Id, as they sell .mobi format (for Kindle) and .ePub (for pretty much everything else, including Nook and Kobo). You can find instructions on sideloading to various devices and apps on the Loose Id website: http://www.loose-id.com/faq/

They also seem to have been tarting up the VIP Club while I wasn't paying attention. This one's for the heavy-duty readers -- buy a VIP Club membership, and get 10% off every book you buy direct from Loose Id for the rest of the year, plus a load of other members-only stuff. http://www.loose-id.com/specials/vip-club-2014.html
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Nice Tie is now available from Loose Id, and you can find the opening scenes on their website at http://www.loose-id.com/nice-tie.html#product_tabs_Excert

It's not on the third party sites yet -- it will show up on the Amazons etc eventually, but it's been so long since I had a novel released that I don't know what the timescale is these days.

More after I get home from the day job.
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Nice Tie is currently scheduled for release in next week's batch of new books from Loose Id. This is subject to the usual caveats about problems in getting the formatted ebook files onto a working server, but you should be able to get your hands on the book on Tuesday. Herewith the blurb and buy link -- excerpt to follow as soon as the approved excerpt is available.

Nice Tie

Nice Tie cover art -- gay romance novel Alex Hall likes watching good-looking men doing up good-looking ties, a kink he can safely indulge on his morning commute as long as he’s discreet. At least until the day he meets new client Robin Wood, whose face seems oddly familiar. Embarrassingly familiar, when Robin recognizes him as “that guy on the bus.”

Lusting after the client and his tie is a really bad idea. Acting on it would be even worse. Which doesn’t stop Alex’s impulsive suggestion when he realizes that Robin's as intrigued as he is awkward. They’re both grown-ups, they can handle the conflict of interest, and if nothing else it will get the awkwardness out of the way. And there’s a cheap hotel at the end of their bus route.

Just one date. One night for Alex to enjoy watching beautiful hands managing a tie with style. One night for Robin with a man who can understand his own grooming kink, even if it’s not quite the same as Alex’s. One night, and then just good friends, while they’re working together. Nobody else’s business.

But Robin has entirely too much experience with romance at work, and the past isn’t staying past.

ISBN: 978-1-62300-771-3
Publisher: Loose Id
Author: Jules Jones
Cover Artist: Valerie Tibbs
Length: 42,000 words
Price: $5.99


Mar. 8th, 2014 04:58 pm
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...we hates them, my Precious. Even though we know they're good for us.

Two lots in one week is just twisting the knife. At least the one that arrived last night was for a short story, although it still took rather a lot of the day. I shall now go and make a cup of tea, and do some stretches.

And then I shall go back to contemplating the caning novel, and writing the outline thereof. [livejournal.com profile] charlieallery, an email to jules.jones@gmail.com from a current email address of yours might be useful. :-)
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Doing edits on Nice Tie. Note back to editor re one suggested edit:
We have something in British sf fandom called Thog’s Masterclass, with a section entitled “eyeballs in the sky”. If you want me to change it, I will do so, but I warn you that some of my readers will snigger…

Pavlovian conditioning at its finest. Thank you, Langford.
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Just received the finals for the Nice Tie cover art. :-) I still don't have a blurb or buy link to share with you, but you can see Valerie Tibbs's work below the cut. Note that there is mantitty, although it's not particularly NSFW.

Read more... )
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The contract for Nice Tie is now in the post box. I do hope it doesn't get lost in the Christmas postal avalanche. Next job -- start drafting the other paperwork. Some of this can't be finalised until after the contract is signed off at the other end, but I can at least make some notes for it. I also need to consider whether to update my bio, because it's ten years old and somewhat out of date. Probably not, because I still lead a very boring life out in meatspace, and anything interesting I could put into a bio without getting into trouble would have relationship issues with reality anyway.

fine print

Dec. 21st, 2013 07:02 pm
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Contract paperwork for Nice Tie read, digested, and query re one point sent off. I can now go and watch "Blake" with a clear conscience. :-)
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Email this morning to say that Nice Tie has been accepted by Loose Id, subject to the usual tweaks. :-) So the rest of my free time this week is going to be taken up with reading the fine print on contract paperwork, as I've out of circulation for so long that all of the paperwork is different now.
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Beta comments on Nice Tie came back from Alex, so this evening I've tweaked a couple of things, re-set the file into submission formatting, and just sent it off to my editor. It feels rather odd to send off something novel-length, after five years of nothing but a couple of short story submissions. Fingers crossed she likes it.
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Just completed the first revision pass on "Nice Tie", a job that has been outstanding for far too long. But this weekend I had both a functioning brain and the necessary uninterrupted time, and have been chugging through it. I'm still not entirely satisfied with the last four chapters, but I think I've dropped enough foreshadowing of one point into earlier chapters now, and I've managed to add some business to break up the blocks of dialogue.

Not really enough business, I suspect, but I'm about to send it through to Alex to see if it reads more smoothly to her now. It does still need work, but at this point I'd be happy to send it to my editor if she wanted it in a hurry for a first look. It's currently 42 kwords, so that's going to be decent short novel length for an epubbed romance, even if it doesn't get any longer in the editing.
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The LJ/DW continues to be quiet, because the day job continues to Eat My Brain. However, I have slightly more time and energy than I did, and this weekend finally started the revision pass on Nice Tie in spite of having been gifted a respiratory infection by one of the uni freshers who've brought their germs with them from home this week. I've done the first 20k, which is the easy bit... I suspect that the remaining 20k will take longer, and possibly more concentration than I've got right now. However, I shall endeavour to soldier on and not get distracted by all of the other things I also ought to be doing.
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On Thursday Predatrix sent me some comments on the rough draft of Nice Tie, which I will be trying to work on over the bank holiday weekend. Not that I've got to it as of late Saturday afternoon... The gist of it is that a) the story works overall, b) the first four fifths is mostly pretty good, the last fifth has a bad case of plot being obtrusive.

I'm not surprised by (b). When we discussed it, the section she pinpointed was precisely the section I'd been wrestling to get down over the last two months. A couple of other comments about spots earlier where the characters were doing things for the sake of plot also mark points where I was hit by an inspiration particle that changed what I was doing with the plot. So one of the things I need to do is go back and make that all blend together a bit more smoothly. (Amongst other things, I need to do a bit of in-cluing much earlier on about Alex having seen a colleague's problems with an abusive/controlling partner, plus make it clearer that the reason for the lack of "why did you not mention this boyfriend before" is the lack of privacy to have that conversation.)

The other thing that I think is going on is that for much of the last section it's almost all dialogue and very little description/business, which makes the pace feel forced and is adding to that feeling of things happening for the sake of Plot. Predatrix agreed when I suggested that -- she hadn't consciously noticed it, because she's even less visual a writer than I am, but on having the possibility pointed out to her she thought it was a likely component of her reaction.

But (a) is good. Given the way this story changed and grew as I was writing it, I did wonder if it made sense outside my own head, and if there was enough story to support the word count it had grown to. (b) I can fix, as long as I have (a).

It's gong to take me a while yet to get this ready for submission, which is a shame because I'd hoped to have it ready to send off to my editor by now. But at least I've got something novel-shaped to work on, which is a distinct improvement over the last few years.
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Nice Tie now has a finished first draft. A very, very rough first draft, but it is, nevertheless. done. All 40 kwords of it.

I'd been hoping to get it down in draft by the end of March at the latest, but was rudely interrupted by a bad bout of Real Life. Also, I was visited by Plot in the course of writing it, and while I knew what was going to happen, I was failing to find the exact words to describe it. Even the words I had found earlier had escaped me, scattered on the four winds, during a previous hiatus after the initial burst of writing during PicoWrimo.

It's going to need some heavy revision, not least because the chunk I've been wrestling with over the last two months is happily demonstrating that I do not see my stories inside my head as films, but hear them as radio plays. There is much dialogue, and little description, and I need to improve the ratio somewhat before it goes anywhere near Ye Editor. It has for now gone off to Predatrix for some alpha-reading, to see if it makes sense anywhere outside my own head.

I should probably leave it alone for a bit and come back to it with fresh eyes in a week or two. Time to think about what to work on next, particularly with summer PicoWrimo coming up. There's Taxman, which has been worked on fitfully for some six years now, and can perfectly well wait a bit longer. There's the story idea that I was using to experiment with using Dragon to write a first draft, which I think might work well as an offering for Loose Id's tenth anniversary next year. And there are a couple of... things... which my muse handed me recently, apparently after a hard night binging with the girls on cream cakes and hard core porn DVDs.


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