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My primary publisher, Loose Id, has alas closed as of 7 May. My books published through them are now out of print, although you may see them on third party distributors for a short period while the out of print notices work through the system.

I do intend to make the books available again, but that takes a lot of time, which is a resource I'm rather short of at the moment. I'm also waiting on Loose Id to finish working on the rights releases for the cover art I'd like to re-use. I'm focusing on writing new material for now.

If you're still looking for something of mine to read, I do have books at NineStar Press under the name Storm Duffy, which are still available and will be for the foreseeable future.

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My primary publisher Loose Id has announced they're closing, with the current timescale being final closure in early May 2018.

That means all of my books still with them will be out of print by then at the latest, as will all the other titles in their catalogue. The LI contract is a periodic one generally renewed every year or two years, and any contracts which expire before May will not be renewed and the title will go out of print at that point. I can't remember off-hand which of my contracts might expire before then, so no guarantees that all of my books will still be available after the end of the year. Skimming last year's contract renewal emails suggests that they'll start to fall out of print around February/March.

I gather the usual Boxing Day sale will be going ahead.

I'd like to say that I'll self-publish to get them back in print, but realistically that's not likely to happen for quite a while, given my current health issues. OTOH, if I do self-publish I'll do so at a significantly lower cover price. In the unlikely event you'd like to buy any of my Loose Id titles and haven't got around to it yet, you'll need to weigh up those options.

I know some of the other authors aren't planning to do new editions of some of their titles, or have put it at the back of a very long "when I have time and energy" queue, so you might want to check out what any favourite authors are planning to do if there are any books you hadn't got to yet and would be sorry to miss out on.

Make sure you have copies of all your purchases downloaded, and that you have cashed in any Id Points, gift certificates etc and claimed any prizes before shutdown.
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A quick note to say that Loose Id have temporarily dropped the prices on many "first of series" books, including mine. This is currently guaranteed to apply only to books purchased directly through Loose Id, although they were working on getting the reductions onto the big third party sites like Amazon. You can also get two of my short stories for free from the Loose Id site. My catalogue page is here: http://www.loose-id.com/authors/erotic-romance-authors-g-k.html?cat=76
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Loose Id have accepted my wedding short story Knotting the Tie for Alex and Robin from Nice Tie. :-) No release date yet, but it will be released as a free Fling. More details when I have them.
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MY publisher is revamping its website, including the FAQs. Bribery and corruption is involved here - to quote the blog post:

Have a question for customer service, about our submissions, contracts, editing process, author development? I’ll answer and if I use it on the new 2015 FAQs, I’ll give you $2 in Idcents.

More info at the blog: http://loosenyourid.com/well-color-me-mortified-faqs-for/
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Why yes, I *am* going through my email backlog... Here is a message from our sponsors about a one day sale. It covers Loose Id's entire catalogue, and you may find a selection of my delightful romances at my Loose Id author page.

Are you exhausted from Christmas? Sick to death of carols? Wishing people had shopped off your wishlists instead of QVC and SkyMall?

Loose Id has exactly what you're looking for: a no-crowds, no-hassle, shop in your pajamas 25% off sale.

We know there are lots of choices for where to buy your e-books. Lots of them have great discounts. You can shop for all your favorite authors in one place. Even so, we think you'll want to shop Loose Id this Boxing Day, and here's why:
  • Customer service that's intimately familiar with the books you're purchasing.
  • Customer service that's intimately familiar with the devices you're reading on.
  • Customer service that's friendly and knowledgeable and able to provide recommendations.
  • 25% off every book, every purchase, including previously discounted titles.
  • A great customer rewards program: earn Idcents with each purchase, when you leave reviews, or share books using the 'share this' feature on the product pages, and use them to buy more great books. No separate sign-up required.
  • Our VIP Club: get 15% off every book you purchase from us in 2015, for $29.99, and if you become a member before January 1, get $10.00 worth of Idcents free!
  • Shopping Loose Id puts more money in authors' pockets, and less in Big Business's. That means they can afford to stay home and write more books!
Give yourself the gift of pleasure. Shop Loose Id's annual

What I Really Wanted for Christmas Sale

December 26, from midnight PST to midnight PST.

(At least) 25% off all currently available books. No coupons, no exceptions.

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Instructions from my shadowy mistresses at Loose Id to tell you all about the Halloween giveaway:

Loose Id’s giving away all 16 titles being released in November to two lucky winners. How do you play?

It’s simple.

On Halloween Day, October 31 from midnight EST to midnight PST, leave a review for any book you’ve purchased on our site as a treat for your favorite author.

Every Halloween Day review of three sentences or more (whether good or bad, and no matter the rating) will be entered for one of two chances to win a Halloween Treat from Loose Id.

There's also a prize draw for people helping to promote the contest - more details about both here http://loosenyourid.com/no-tricks-only-treats-win-all-16-november-titles-from-loose-id/

(If Treva happens to read this, she will doubtless be amused by the fact that Dragon heard Loose Id as lucid, and I have had to edit the vocabulary to discourage this in future.)
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My new release, Nice Tie, is 10% off at Loose Id through until Sunday: http://www.loose-id.com/nice-tie.html

And Mindscan has gone off special, but my silkie novel, Spindrift, is now on special for $3.59: http://www.loose-id.com/spindrift.html

My shadowy mistresses at Loose Id would like me to point out that a number of other books are on special, some up to 50% off. You can find the Daily Deals page here (and I must grab the one I had my eye on while it's still on special): http://www.loose-id.com/specials/daily-deals.html

If you're reading books on a Kindle or a Nook, you can still buy your books direct from Loose Id, as they sell .mobi format (for Kindle) and .ePub (for pretty much everything else, including Nook and Kobo). You can find instructions on sideloading to various devices and apps on the Loose Id website: http://www.loose-id.com/faq/

They also seem to have been tarting up the VIP Club while I wasn't paying attention. This one's for the heavy-duty readers -- buy a VIP Club membership, and get 10% off every book you buy direct from Loose Id for the rest of the year, plus a load of other members-only stuff. http://www.loose-id.com/specials/vip-club-2014.html
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Nice Tie is currently scheduled for release in next week's batch of new books from Loose Id. This is subject to the usual caveats about problems in getting the formatted ebook files onto a working server, but you should be able to get your hands on the book on Tuesday. Herewith the blurb and buy link -- excerpt to follow as soon as the approved excerpt is available.

Nice Tie

Nice Tie cover art -- gay romance novel Alex Hall likes watching good-looking men doing up good-looking ties, a kink he can safely indulge on his morning commute as long as he’s discreet. At least until the day he meets new client Robin Wood, whose face seems oddly familiar. Embarrassingly familiar, when Robin recognizes him as “that guy on the bus.”

Lusting after the client and his tie is a really bad idea. Acting on it would be even worse. Which doesn’t stop Alex’s impulsive suggestion when he realizes that Robin's as intrigued as he is awkward. They’re both grown-ups, they can handle the conflict of interest, and if nothing else it will get the awkwardness out of the way. And there’s a cheap hotel at the end of their bus route.

Just one date. One night for Alex to enjoy watching beautiful hands managing a tie with style. One night for Robin with a man who can understand his own grooming kink, even if it’s not quite the same as Alex’s. One night, and then just good friends, while they’re working together. Nobody else’s business.

But Robin has entirely too much experience with romance at work, and the past isn’t staying past.

ISBN: 978-1-62300-771-3
Publisher: Loose Id
Author: Jules Jones
Cover Artist: Valerie Tibbs
Length: 42,000 words
Price: $5.99
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A couple of new calls for submissions from my main publisher. Note that they're a general erotic romance publisher -- all genres, all genders, all combinations, as long as there's heat integral to the story, and at least a Happy For Now ending. Yes, I do mean "all genders", not "both genders".

Homecomings )

Resolutions )

General submission guidelines
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Heads-up for anyone who thought they'd buy the Loose Id anthology A Kiss At Midnight and never got around to it -- it's being pulled from the catalogue at the end of the month. My novella "First Footer" will then be released by Loose Id as a stand-alone, and I believe that Emily Veinglory's novella will be as well, but Ally Blue's won't be. At the moment I don't know what the new cover prices will be. So if you were interested in having all three novellas in one package, you've got a couple of weeks to go and get it.
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Loose Id has its new and shiny site up, with all the back catalogue available again. And 25% off everything until August 19, as an apology for the problems caused by the server crash. Yes, that includes my stuff, most of which you can find on the list of my solo-authored titles, and one you can find on the page for titles written with Lindsey Mullen.

New facilities include being able to rate/review books (at least, I'm assuming that's new, I don't remember seeing it before but I hadn't looked at the site for a while).
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My main publisher has had a massive server outage, but has managed to get an interim site back up while they fix the back end. Fixing the back end includes moving up the planned launch of a new website and catalogue system. The interim site does *not* have the full catalogue, and in particular does not have any of the backlist (including all of my titles) but that should be restored when the new site goes up. More information at their site. In the meantime there's a 25% discount on anything bought from the interim site, and as usual many of Loose Id's titles are available through third party distributors such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
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I don't know anything more than the press release copied below, but Loose Id is holding a short story competition:

College hoops aren't for everyone.
Which is why Loose Id's hosting its very own March Madness.

* Unleash your imagination with the hottest short stories you can dream up: completed stories of 5000-7500 words of scorching erotic fiction that meets Loose Id's general submissions guidelines.

* Stories will be due by March 1, 2008. You may enter as many stories as you like. Employees and family and roommates of Loose Id employees are not eligible.

* Entries will initially be judged by the Loose Id Staff and a Sweet Sixteen chosen.

* Excerpts will be made available to Loose Id readers for voting with the top entry in each bracket moving on to the next round.

* Winner to be announced April 16, 2008.

Watch www.loose-id.com for details of the submission process, voting and prizes to be announced on or before February 20, 2008.

Bored with the hoopla?
Stimulate your spring with March Madness from Loose Id.


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