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Last night/today All Romance eBooks sent out emails to authors and readers notifying them that the site is closing on 31 December. Readers have until then to back up their library. Authors and publishers are being offered 10c on the dollar for the Quarter 4 royalties up until 27 December. *No* royalties will be paid on any sales after then. Some readers with credit are reporting that their credit has been wiped. Readers who pre-ordered had to pay up front on order - that money will not be returned and they won't get the books.

DO NOT BUY MY BOOKS FROM ARE. I will not see the money. Neither will my publisher, who paid for the editing and cover art on my books. Don't buy anyone else's books either. You may not even get the books you've paid for.

Authors - get on there *now* and get your books off, because ARe has continued to sell books at full price, after announcing they're not going to pay the authors what they're owed.

Kudos to those publishers who've already said they'll honour pre-orders directly for people affected by the pre-order thing.
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All Romance eBooks are having a 50% rebate day for Memorial Day. You have to pay full price, but you get the rebate back in the form of store credit to spend on your next purchase. Yes, that includes all of my titles available on the site. :-)
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My m/m contemporary romance Nice Tie is 50% off today with any purchase at All Romance eBooks. :-)  The deal is over, but once you've read it, you can head over to Loose Id and pick up the wedding short story Knotting the Tie as a freebie.

ARe featured bargain logo
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All Romance eBooks have a one day sale today to celebrate the start of summer. 25% off a wide range of books, including Loose Id's catalogue, and specifically including my books (and a Dreamspinner anthology which includes one of my shorts).

If you are sitting in one of the gloomy patches of Britain looking at Midsummer's Eve grey skies, there is plenty of heat available to warm you up. :-) (Not just joking, either - our central heating came on this morning...)
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I'm doing website updates in lieu of actual, you know, *wordage*. Which is how I discovered that Fictionwise is doing the thing with massive storewide discounts again -- 40% off until the end of Sunday, after that 25% for a bit. This does not do me any good as a reader, as I refuse point blank to buy anything with DRM, and the open format titles I'm interested in are the ones I don't really want to be reading on the public omnibus. However, it might do me some good as a writer if anyone wants to buy one or two of my books cheaply. [*]

I think I forgot to mention that a few more of my books are now available on All Romance eBooks, including Spindrift and Pulling Strings. They have also been uploaded to Fictionwise, but it will probably take a couple of weeks before they show up on the public site.

[*] Obviously I like sales direct from my publisher's website best, because I get the most money that way. However, I strongly prefer sales through distributors to no sales at all. :-)


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