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In light of the recent changes in the LiveJournal Terms of Service, and the manner in which they were implemented, I'm moving to Dreamwidth. For now I will continue to cross-post, but I intend to turn off comments on the LiveJournal copy. I've already changed most of the existing posts on LJ to friends-only. I will probably intermittently friends-lock the LJ mirror of posts going forward, not least because I see no reason why I should provide content now LJ shows advertising on my posts to readers who arent logged in even though I have a paid account.

I have a paid LJ account with a year of credit and I don't intend to delete it entirely for some months, in part because it allows me to do maintenance work on communities and RSS feeds for myself and others. (For example, I was the last mod standing for the LiveJournal copy of Bearing Witness, so I've done the necessary working on transferring it to Dreamwidth and shutting down the LJ mirror.) You should, however, assume that this LiveJournal account may not be here for much longer. If you're staying on LiveJournal only, or using it as your primary feed, please follow the RSS feed for my Dreamwidth account.

Lots of my friends have moved, but I haven't tracked down everyone on Dreamwidth yet - please comment if you want to let me know where/who you are, including if you're staying on LJ so I can make sure I have your feed on my DW following page.

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I don't have a Facebook account, and I very much wish it to stay that way, because of their "all your privacy are belong to us" attitude. I will regard the cross-posting of comments to locked threads to Facebook and Twitter in the same way that I regard any other cross-posting of comments, manual or otherwise -- if it's in a locked post, it should stay there, and malicious breaches of that are liable to result in access to locked posts being removed. "Malicious breaches" because most of us have been clueless at one time or another, and yes, that includes me. Quoting large chunks of the original post or someone else's comment in your cross-post will shift the default assumption away from "clueless" towards "malicious".

I have Dreamwidth invite codes available.

Edited to add a significant factor in why I am annoyed with LJ -- it appears that this shiny new feature cross-posts the subject line of the original post to Facebook, even for locked posts. Sometimes the original subject line is in and of itself something which the owner wishes to stay locked to flist.
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I first saw romance blogger Elisa Rolle talking about her affiliate links being re-written to Livejournal's benefit a couple of weeks ago, but I'd just got off a very long haul flight and was too jet-lagged to post about it coherently at the time. Now other people have noticed LiveJournal hijacking affiliate links. And not just actual affiliate links, but anything that looked a bit like one of the big commercial sites with affiliate schemes.

Once a lot of people started shouting about this, LJ did its usual "oops, we never meant you to notice th... er, never meant the code to do that." My reaction is, pull the other one, it hath bells on. However, while they appear to have backtracked on this at least in part, at least until next time, Livejournal are flannelling on refunding the affiliate fees they hijacked from Elisa, plus insulting her as well for being pissed off at being fobbed off and lied to over the last couple of weeks. I'd suggest reading Elisa's latest post on the subject, for a nice detailed timeline of how they have repeatedly lied about this over the course of some weeks.

I'm less than pleased about this, both on my own behalf and for my friends. Please don't tell me that affiliate links are banned by LJ terms of service -- what the ToS ban are banner ads, and you'd have to be intent on finding some justification for this fraud to claim that affiliate text links fall under that heading. And this isn't just stripping such links, this is actively re-writing links in a deceptive manner, so that when you hover over the links you see what the blogger intended you to be passed to, and only when you click the link is it re-written on the fly to send you somewhere else without your knowledge. In other words, the sort of tactic used by phishers and other people who do not have your best interests at heart.

Think about that. LJ thinks it's fine for them to silently re-direct you anywhere they choose, and to use third-party technology to do so without bothering to test exactly what it's doing. I can think of some really *interesting* things to do with that. The sort of things that are illegal under The Computer Misuse Act 1990.

And on a less legalistic level -- I pay for my account. I pay for it so that my LJ is an ad-free zone. I mainly use the affiliate links as a way of tracking which of my "shiny thing you can buy" posts people are finding most useful, and I do not appreciate having that functionality taken away from me so they can make more money off my paid-for account. I also do not appreciate having links randomly hijacked to be turned into ads simply because they pattern match some unrelated commerce website's url.

In case it is "accidentally" re-enabled, a description of the opt-out here:


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