Aug. 8th, 2017 02:26 pm
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Planning to arrive in Helsinki late Wednesday afternoon, and leave late Sunday afternoon. I don't have any panels. I'm also not officially signed up for any gophering, but depending on spoon balance I'll probably head over to Access and/or Green Room at some point to see if they need another warm-if-not-very-mobile body.

In theory I have portable net access. In practice this is on a new phone, and I am not sure I have got everything set up yet. Best bet if you're looking for me is probably Twitter, where I am bookfetishist and where I can actually remember my password should I need to go in via the website. My primary mobile phone number hasn't changed and is on a tiny and ancient Nokia from before the dawn of time, so even if the smartphone is stolen or runs out of battery I should be contactable on that.
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After a certain amount of angst involving a week of trying to get the Sasquan credit card facility to believe I owned my US credit card (it doesn't understand the concept of a US bank card with a UK format address), I went to scan my ballot over to site selection... only to find that my elderly scanner doesn't speak Windows 8. I tried a workaround with the Win 7 driver, which failed miserably, then thought "I have an iPad". Alas, the ballot says that it must be scanned into a pdf, and my iPad speaks jpeg. Which is why I now have a free scan-to-pdf app on my iPad.

Anyway, after all that, the email has just gone on its way. Obviously my next job is going to be shopping for a new scanner, because while I haven't used the one at home since we got decent hopper feed ones at work, there are some documents I don't want anywhere near the corporate IT systems, and that includes wet signature book contracts. The last one of those was just before I ran out and bought a windows 8 machine because the XP box was creaking at the seams, which is why I hadn't realised that my scanner can now join the rest of the XP kit under the bed.
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Back from Worldcom, had a great time with several thousand of my closest friends. Woth any luck will; even write something about it while I can still remember.

Not going to forget meeting Brian Aldiss, though. :-)
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I see to have volunteered for the access desk - ground floor near registration, and will probably be there much of the morning. Other than that, no definite plans but some panels I was interested in. Checking gmail and twitter every so often, which will pick up LJ/DW comments as well.


Aug. 14th, 2014 07:10 am
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Arrive around lunch today, leave late afternoon on Monday. No panels. Mobile number unchanged. Twitter is bookfetishist. Currently panicking about what have I forgotten to pack.
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Just upgraded my London Worldcon membership from Friend to Attending Adult. Whether or not I will actually get there is another matter, but at least it's usually easy to sell on a membership.

I did attempt to do this on the weekend they actually formally won the bid, but the site kept spitting me back out again, and by the time I got an email back from website support saying they thought they had fixed the problem for at least some people and try again now, I was distracted by other things.

Just had a reminder email, and it turns out that, counter-intuitively, you can only upgrade your membership if you are *not* logged into your website member account. (The website has been updated at some point to say this.) So if anyone else has been having problems, try that.
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And after a certain amount of aggravation, including discovering that Paypal will not allow me to pay for British con membership with my US Paypal account, I have finally managed to throw money at the London in 2014 Worldcon bid. I have bought a Friend level pre-supporting, on the grounds that I'd *really* like Worldcon to come somewhere where I do not need to get on a plane to go to it, and they're offering a good deal to Friends on full membership if they win the bid.

Of course, this is likely to end up in me having a cheap membership for sale a couple of weeks before the con, when I discover that I can't get to the con anyway...
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I went to Worldcon. It was good, it was tiring, this time I did not get food posioning (yay), I do seem to have picked up some bug or other which feels like having a very mild dose of flu, and I have not had access to a phone line from Monday until about two hours ago. No, really. Staying in a holiday cottage in Wales with no landline, and mobile phone reception that varies from none to maybe, if you stand in exactly the right spot in the driveway and the weather's just right. So bewteen that and Worldcon I have nearly two weeks' worth of online stuff to catch up on, including my email. Normal service will be resumed eventually...


Jul. 9th, 2005 05:19 pm
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Travel and accommodation booked for Worldcon. I've still got to get a membership, but failure to do that before arrival will merely result in my paying more, rather than not being able to go. Barring unforseen circumstances (of which there have been enough in the last year to ensure I say that), I will be at Worldcon.

I'm likely to be around the Redemption table in fan alley some of the time. I am refusing to be put on the table rota because I may not be up to it - amongst other things, I'm still having trouble after the root canal filling, and it's conceivable that something could go wrong when they try to fit the crown next week, at which point I will be fit to travel but far too grumpy/dazed from pain to be trusted in a public-facing role. So no timetable, I'm afraid.


Jul. 4th, 2005 03:23 pm
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I've still got to confirm travel plans, but it now looks extremely likely that I'll be going to Worldcon. :-)

I'm going over to the UK for other reasons, but it happens to be at the right time to make it possible to go to Worldcon. I'll probably be around for 5-6 weeks total. I'll miss the possible rasfc meet in London immediately after Worldcon, but will be staying with a fannish friend in the Bournemouth area mid-August. Ipswich, Manchester and Lancaster are other likely ports of call, and conceivably Edinburgh.


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