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Loose Id have accepted my wedding short story Knotting the Tie for Alex and Robin from Nice Tie. :-) No release date yet, but it will be released as a free Fling. More details when I have them.
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Just had an email to say my short story "Bread and Butter Pudding" has been accepted for Dreamspinner's anthology "Not Quite Shakespeare", due out in June. Paperwork still to be done, but pleased with this. :-)
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Email this morning to say that Nice Tie has been accepted by Loose Id, subject to the usual tweaks. :-) So the rest of my free time this week is going to be taken up with reading the fine print on contract paperwork, as I've out of circulation for so long that all of the paperwork is different now.
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Received an email late last night to say that Musa's Erato imprint has accepted "And if I offered thee a bargain". :-) With the inevitable editorial caveats, of course... That could be fun, as I don't disagree with the reason for the editing request, but will need to be careful that the necessary fiddling won't throw off other aspects of the story.

Reprint of a 5.5 kword short story, as far as I know to be published as a standalone. No idea at this stage when it'll be released
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Hee. Just heard that one of my short stories has been accepted for the next issue of Suspect Thoughts. No, it's not a romance story, and it's not specfic. It's erotica noir about a very creepy form of voyeurism, and if Suspect Thoughts hadn't taken it I'd have probably tried it on one of the erotic horror mags next. However -- it's het. It's the only explicit het story I've ever written.

Apparently I can do het, even if it's creepy, freaky het. :-)
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Editor emailed overnight to say that she wants to buy Ship to Shore, the sequel to Spindrift. :-)

This is the one that had me worried because the first draft really didn't bear much resemblance to a standard romance story. It had a happy ending, yes, but it had a different story structure. Once I'd let that draft settle for a couple of weeks, and bounced some ideas back and forth with my editor, I was able to do a revision pass that put more focus on the relationship into the second half of the story. It's still not quite a standard romance structure, but it's no longer likely to cause readers expecting one to bounce off at high velocity.

Editors are good people. They show you how to make your story better.
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Being completely self-centred for a moment...

The ghost story has been accepted by Extraverse. I feel somewhat ambivalent about hearing about this today, given the subject matter of the story. I don't think I'll submit this story as a reprint anywhere else after this. I'm not superstitious but there are limits to the amount of perversity I will put up with from the universe.

Edits are finished on Spindrift, so I'll select a nice juicy excerpt tomorrow for posting as a teaser once my editor's approved it.
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My work-in-progress novel (yes, it's up to novel length now) Spindrift has been accepted in principle by Loose Id from the synopsis. Which means that I'd better get it finished. :-)
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We received the contract paperwork for The Syndicate: Four Leaf Clover over the weekend, so it's been officially accepted for publication. We also have a publication date, but as usual we are not allowed to say what it is, because there's always the possibility of glitches leading to it failing to appear on the due date. However, edits are going back and forth very fast...

Other work done over the weekend--I've done another batch of edits for Mindscan, and did another 5700 words or so on Spindrift, taking the total word count to 23,300 words to date.
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Plain Brown Wrapper have accepted my short story Black Leather Rose for their Valentine's Day anthology.
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One of the joys of British computer magazines is that they come with cover disks that more often than not contain useful software. This month's useful software was a free ftp client, which I was most grateful for after half a dozen failed attempts over the last month to download one from the web. So I can now update my website myself instead of having to email the files to that nice Waveney Webs man who provides my server space.

Of course, I'm still having to do this over a dialup line. A metered dialup line. Ladies and gentlemen, please read the rant in Ramblings about minimalist websites. Everything I said in there several years ago still stands, apart from which browser I normally use (I finally abandoned the Spawn of Redmond a few months ago after the revelation of a security hole wide enough to fly a generation ship through...). If you cover your websites with gratuitous graphics, I'm not going to sit there for five minutes while they download. And no, five minutes is not an exaggeration, I've had one or two of those in the last week. As for Middlesbrough Borough Council, whoever designed your website should be locked in a cell with only a BBC Micro with no mouse and an acoustic coupler modem for access to the outside world.

I really, really miss my DSL connection.

The good news: The Syndicate: Volume 3 was given a five cups review by Coffee Time Romance. There's a copy of the review in the Brag Book.

I received my contributor's copies of Alyson's Ultimate Gay Erotica 2005 anthology last month, and very nice they look, even if I haven't had a chance to read the book yet. The book isn't officially released until the 15th of December, but I finally had a chance to check the websites yesterday, and it appears that the book is available for pre-order from Alyson's own shop, Amazon and Amazon UK.

Alex and I have offered a prize for Romance Junkies' Christmas competition. More details when we have them, but we've offered a download of any volume from The Syndicate (or alternatively a download of Promises to Keep), plus a set of prints of the cover art from the three Syndicate books published to date, signed by both of us, and as a suitably geeky extra, a gmail invite code.

Got back into the submissions routine, starting with sending a query to Zara about a potential submission for Charm, Beauty, Strangeness. The various "Best of..." anthologies are also open for business, so doing some selecting and printing out of suitable prospects.

Loose Id provisionally accepted another submission, although the acceptance is subject to me revising the story to bring it within their guideline restrictions. It's a perfectly reasonable request, but it remains to be seen whether it's possible to do this without damaging the story--the problem scene is there for good plot and character development reasons, and it it's not going to be simple to achieve the same effect while staying within the guidelines.
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Other news from this month:

The Syndicate: Volume 3 was released by Loose Id on the 16th and is now available for purchase online. There's an excerpt from Volume 3 available on the Loose Id website.

Both Promises to Keep and the previous volume of The Syndicate picked up good reviews from Coffee Time Romance and Just Erotic Romance Reviews.

My erotica short story A Sparrow Flies Through was accepted for the Down and Dirty 3 anthology from Pretty Things Press.


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