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Loose Id have been busy releasing their backlist through their distributors. And with perfect timing, the New year's Eve themed anthology A Kiss At Midnight has just gone up at Fictionwise. This is an anthology of three sf&f romance novellas, from myself, Emily Veinglory, and Ally Blue. Here's the blurb for mine. As usual, there are excerpts on my website, and short blurbs and excerpts for all three novellas on Loose Id's website.

First Footer

They say that how you spend New Year's Day will set the pattern for the rest of your year. Matthew Ryder was hoping not to be single by the end of the New Year's Eve party, but the blind date promised by his matchmaking friend never showed up. Still, there's always hope in the form of the old custom of First Footing. To bring good luck to the household, the first person across the threshold after midnight should be a tall dark man holding a lump of coal and a bottle of whisky, and in some places they still like to provide this service for neighbours.

A tall dark stranger does indeed knock on the door at midnight, and he's the man of Matthew's dreams. Intelligent, good sense of humour. Handsome too, if you go for fur, tail, and a very seductive purr. For the First Footer is a First Contact team member, with a bit of a problem. There's making a discreet landing in an uninhabited area, and then there's landing your spacecraft in a peat bog.

It's going to be an interesting year for Matthew...
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I'm doing website updates in lieu of actual, you know, *wordage*. Which is how I discovered that Fictionwise is doing the thing with massive storewide discounts again -- 40% off until the end of Sunday, after that 25% for a bit. This does not do me any good as a reader, as I refuse point blank to buy anything with DRM, and the open format titles I'm interested in are the ones I don't really want to be reading on the public omnibus. However, it might do me some good as a writer if anyone wants to buy one or two of my books cheaply. [*]

I think I forgot to mention that a few more of my books are now available on All Romance eBooks, including Spindrift and Pulling Strings. They have also been uploaded to Fictionwise, but it will probably take a couple of weeks before they show up on the public site.

[*] Obviously I like sales direct from my publisher's website best, because I get the most money that way. However, I strongly prefer sales through distributors to no sales at all. :-)
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My latest book, Lord and Master 2: Taking Work Home, is now also available at Fictionwise -- with a 15% discount in the first week. There's an excerpt at Fictionwise, but you can also find more excerpts and free short stories from the series on my website.
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For those of you who'd rather buy your ebooks from one of the distributors, Dolphin Dreams has just gone up on Fictionwise, and is also available on All Romance Ebooks


ETA: Fictionwise has 12 formats these days, including for the Kindle. No DRM, because my publisher has not drunk the KoolAid, and the LIT and PDF formats will allow Read-Aloud.

Adobe Acrobat (PDF) [1.3 MB], Palm Doc (PDB) [307 KB], Rocket/REB1100 (RB) [275 KB], Microsoft Reader (LIT) [674 KB] - PocketPC 1.0+ Compatible, Franklin eBookMan (FUB) [284 KB], hiebook (KML) [735 KB], Sony Reader (LRF) [398 KB], iSilo (PDB) [255 KB], Mobipocket (PRC) [318 KB], Kindle Compatible (MOBI) [394 KB], OEBFF Format (IMP) [421 KB]
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Loose Id has released another batch of books at Fictionwise, including Lord and Master -- with a 15% discount in the first week:

It's also at All Romance ebooks, though no discount:
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Loose Id has just added some more of its catalogue to Fictionwise, including my vampire short Promises to Keep. The new books are currently discounted by 15%, so right now it's $1.69, or $1.44 for Club members. The story was released by Loose Id a couple of years back, but if you haven't got it yet and would like to buy it through Fictionwise, you'll find it here:
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Volume 2 of The Syndicate is now available from Fictionwise having previously only been available directly from Loose Id. The short blurb:

On the spaceship Mary Sue, Allard's finally found a job he likes, colleagues he likes—and a man he more than likes. Just how far is he prepared to go for the man he loves?
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No writing over the weekend, but I did 850 words yesterday and 2000 today, so getting somewhere. All on Pulling Strings - I would have liked to do something for Sacchi but so far have drawn a complete blank on suitable ideas. I might have a browse through Folk Tales of the British Isles tomorrow, as there's something niggling at me about shipwrecks and caves and mythological beings. Merrow, I think, although I've already done a merman story. And yes, I know Trapped In A Cave! (TM) is not exactly original.

8400 total on Pulling Strings since the start of the month, so averaging 1000 words per day - not Nanowrimo speed, but still reasonable progress in spite of not having bum in seat every day.

Obsessive checking of Fictionwise has commenced. The Syndicate 1 was at 162 today, while Mindscan had made it to 850 on the strength of the first day's sales. I'll be interested to see how Mindscan does, as Fictionwise no longer puts all the new releases on the front page, and Mindcan is not one of those selected. It's on the New Releases page, but that's much less detailed - no cover art or blurb.
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And now for another round of obsessive checking of the sales ranking... My novella Mindscan was in this week's new Fictionwise releases, having previously only been available direct from the publisher. It'll have the 15% new book discount until next Monday. This one very definitely falls in the "political sf thinly disguised as romance" category. (Yes, I know I was somewhat blunter on rasfc, but it will only upset some of my readers if I use *that* version here.:-) Explicit but very non-gratuitous D/s sex scenes. Make of that what you will.


(Volume 2 of The Syndicate wasn't in this week's batch. It'll probably be in next week's new releases.)
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Other release news - Mindscan and the second volume of The Syndicate were in the latest batch of books from Loose Id to be uploaded to Fictionwise. It'll be a week or two before they appear in the Fictionwise catalogue, but if you were contemplating getting them from Fictionwise, keep an eye out early on the next two Monday mornings for a chance at their early bird discounts.
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So I sent Journey Into Freedom to Tor on Monday. I know it's got at least as far as the Flatiron building, because I paid the extra 45c for delivery confirmation, well worth it for the peace of mind it gives. :-) We now hurry up and wait. And wait. And wait... I should probably decide on the next venue and do the query letter, since it seems to be easier to tackle that bit when the thing's actually sitting in a slushpile somewhere, rather than when I'm trying to wind myself up to send it out again.

I finally gave in and bought a scanner. I've never had one at home, because they do take up a lot of room and I didn't really have enough use for one to justify the space, when I can usually hand whatever-it-is to Other Half with instructions to scan it at work. But there's starting to be enough call for it now that it's inconvenient to not have one in the home office. I did a little research on the one I had in mind, and discovered that nobody cares about the OCR side of things any more. Since one of the major uses I have in mind for it is OCR, this was a bit of a pain. At least I eventually managed to find out that it does have OCR software included. Things have obviously changed since the last time I had occasion to read scanner reviews... It does have a nice easy button on the front to scan and send straight to the printer, pity this invariably results in the printer spitting out a blank page. I'll have to get this sorted out, because one of the secondary reasons for getting the scanner was increasing need of photocopying.

The Syndicate 1 peaked at #8 on Fictionwise's erotica list this week, although it's dropped back down to 11 today. It's also picked up a couple of reader ratings.
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3000 words on Spindrift yesterday, and 1000 today, so progressing well.

And The Syndicate 1 reached #9 on the Fictionwise erotica list today. :-)
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Just checked The Syndicate 1 over at Fictionwise. It wasn't on the second page anymore, somewhat worrying me. It turned out to be not on the second page... because it was on the first page, at #12.

I am Pleased.

(And for the RASFC crowd - Alma's at #10 on the fantasy list today.)


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