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I have a short story collection, Stormy Nights, being published by NineStar Press on 24 July 2017. :-) For $3.99 you get 9 stories totalling some 45,000 words from both my pen names. The stories are a mix of reprints and new material, and cover a range of genres. You can find more information and pre-order it now at NineStar's own website. It will also be available later from the usual third party retailers.


Sex and love, lies and truth, shades in between. Happy endings and might-have-beens. Nine tales of these things between men.
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Knotting the Tie is out today. And... it's currently free. It will probably remain free indefinitely at Loose Id, although official list price is $1.25. You'll need to sign up for a Loose Id account to download it, but they don't spam. You can read an excerpt at the book catalogue page before you sign up. (And thanks to Predatrix and Neyronrose for beta-reading this at very short notice. :-)

Knotting the Tie

KNotting the Tie cover art -- gay romance novel

After a year together, Alex knows what he has with Robin is for life, and he wants to stand up and say so in public. It’s time to propose, and he’s doing it the old fashioned way – roses, champagne and going down on one knee. But it may take more than that to persuade Robin it’s safe to put the past behind him. Maybe even more than the persuasive powers of a glass of champagne and going down on both knees…

This is a standalone sequel short story to Nice Tie - it's the story of Alex proposing to Robin, but you can read it without knowing anything about the novel.

Available now at the Loose Id website: http://www.loose-id.com/knotting-the-tie.html
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I have a new short story out today. :-)

Not Quite Shakespeare cover art Bread and Butter Pudding. Erotic romance short story, 3,600 words, contemporary, m/m. First published in the Dreamspinner Press anthology Not Quite Shakespeare, which is now available at Dreamspinner's website in both ebook format (ISBN-13 978-1-63216-020-1) and trade paperback (ISBN-13 978-1-63216-019-5).

(It's not showing up on Amazon yet, but give it a day or two and it should be.)
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Got home to an email telling me that the UK-themed Dreamspinner anthology "Not quite Shakespeare" is now available for pre-order from their site. I've got a short in the anthology, all about baking bread and what it can lead to. :-) The book is available on both dead trees and live electrons, and will be released on 2 June. I'm assuming that it will eventually show up on the third party distributors as well, but here are the purchase links for the Dreamspinner shop:

ebook - ISBN-13 978-1-63216-020-1
paperback - ISBN-13 978-1-63216-019-5
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And in the excitement of Eastercon, I missed checking on whether this year's Mammoth anthology credit is available for purchase. It appears that the UK edition of The Mammoth Book of Urban Erotic Confessions was released on 17 April, so you can find my m/m/m true confessions story on the shelves (or at Amazon UK) right now. Since it's a true confessions story, it's under a pen name. :-> I'm not actually sure what the etiquette is for this sort of thing, as it's the first time I've had a story in a market for what purport to be true stories. The US edition is due out next month.

I've read a handful of the stories in my trib copy. So far they've been well written, although not all to my taste. One of the reasons they're not all to my taste is that there's quite a variety, so plenty of kinks are catered for. Who knows, some of them may even be true...

I need to go into Waterstones and see if there are any copies on the shelf in there. In general I don't mind being mostly epublished, but it does give me a warm glow to see treeware in a bookshop. Mostly I have to content myself with admiring my friends' books, but occasionally there's a ToC I can call my own.
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Nice Tie is currently scheduled for release in next week's batch of new books from Loose Id. This is subject to the usual caveats about problems in getting the formatted ebook files onto a working server, but you should be able to get your hands on the book on Tuesday. Herewith the blurb and buy link -- excerpt to follow as soon as the approved excerpt is available.

Nice Tie

Nice Tie cover art -- gay romance novel Alex Hall likes watching good-looking men doing up good-looking ties, a kink he can safely indulge on his morning commute as long as he’s discreet. At least until the day he meets new client Robin Wood, whose face seems oddly familiar. Embarrassingly familiar, when Robin recognizes him as “that guy on the bus.”

Lusting after the client and his tie is a really bad idea. Acting on it would be even worse. Which doesn’t stop Alex’s impulsive suggestion when he realizes that Robin's as intrigued as he is awkward. They’re both grown-ups, they can handle the conflict of interest, and if nothing else it will get the awkwardness out of the way. And there’s a cheap hotel at the end of their bus route.

Just one date. One night for Alex to enjoy watching beautiful hands managing a tie with style. One night for Robin with a man who can understand his own grooming kink, even if it’s not quite the same as Alex’s. One night, and then just good friends, while they’re working together. Nobody else’s business.

But Robin has entirely too much experience with romance at work, and the past isn’t staying past.

ISBN: 978-1-62300-771-3
Publisher: Loose Id
Author: Jules Jones
Cover Artist: Valerie Tibbs
Length: 42,000 words
Price: $5.99
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First Footer

First Footer They say that how you spend New Year's Day will set the pattern for the rest of your year. Matthew Ryder was hoping not to be single by the end of the New Year's Eve party, but the blind date promised by his matchmaking friend never showed up. Still, there's always hope in the form of the old custom of First Footing. To bring good luck to the household, the first person across the threshold after midnight should be a tall dark man holding a lump of coal and a bottle of whisky, and in some places they still like to provide this service for neighbours.

A tall dark stranger does indeed knock on the door at midnight, and he's the man of Matthew's dreams. Intelligent, good sense of humour. Handsome too, if you go for fur, tail, and a very seductive purr. For the First Footer is a First Contact team member, with a bit of a problem. There's making a discreet landing in an uninhabited area, and then there's landing your spacecraft in a peat bog.

It's going to be an interesting year for Matthew...

Excerpt 1 from First Footer
Excerpt 2 from First Footer
Erotic excerpt from First Footer

ISBN: 978-1-62300-274-9
Publisher: Loose Id
Author: Jules Jones
Cover Artist: April Martinez
Price: $4.99

Also available from All Romance eBooks.

(First published in the Loose Id anthology A Kiss at Midnight, now out of print.)

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My short story "And if I offered thee a bargain" was released today by Musa Publishing. It's available direct from their website, and from the usual third party retailers. Direct links that I've collected so far:

Musa Publishing
All Romance eBooks
Amazon UK
Amazon US

And if I offered thee a bargain cover art - gay romance novel

One night of your life for seven years of love. Would you pay the price?

Jack never dreamed that a reluctant trip back to his home town would thrust him into the world of the sidhe. He finds that the legends are true, but the sidhe have changed. They have a new bargain to offer the mortals who bring them fresh stories and share new technologies.

But is the price of this new bargain worth it?


ISBN: 978-1-61937-427-0
Length: 5,500 words
Price: $0.99
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I don't think I've mentioned this yet -- when I logged into Musa's manuscript tracking database last week to upload the nicely formatted Word doc version of the file for And If I Offered Thee a Bargain, I found that the release date had been updated. It's now scheduled for release in September, which amongst other things made it rather more urgent that I get on with doing the cover-art worksheet.

No, I have still not learned to like dealing with the cover art worksheet, or indeed any of the other prerelease marketing stuff. It is, alas, something that has to be done, though. I have wrestled with the tagline and the blurb, and have produced something that I think is acceptable first draft standard. I'm not so convinced about the cover art worksheet, but it's a 5.5 K word story -- there's a limit to what I can say about it beyond "it's set in the drumlin fields around Strangford Lough, the heroes are one human and one of the sidhe, and they're both wearing jeans and T-shirt." Oh, and there's a brief physical description of elf boy's pointy ears and cat eyes.

Have I mentioned recently that I'm not a very visual writer?


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